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  1. Oh, I love that Set List! Very excited for the next few days. Thanks Darryl
  2. Terrific review, Paul! Thank you I bought a ticket for Manchester a few months back, but it really was wishful thinking.... still here in Melbourne. Will look forward to your review. Fiona
  3. Donna! I would love to see you over here. I'll hold you to that promise and hope the next Wilco Australia/New Zealand shows aren't too far away. Can't wait to see you. XOXO
  4. Fantastic Report! Would love to hear Magazine Called Sunset. Paul, enjoy the rest of these shows and your time in Japan. I'm there in spirit.
  5. It really was a great show. I can't wait for us to have some more tickets booked and to look forward to seeing wilco again. Missing them.
  6. Wow! What a splendid photo. Good for you, Luminous! It was such a great weekend. X
  7. Thank You Ecythump, great report Hope you have a good flight back to Melbourne. I'm travelling back today. I've loved Wellington, what a gorgeous place. It's been wonderful seeing Wilco this March and April.. . . should we start saving our pennies for Solid Sound?
  8. Here goes . . . I'm here, in Wellington, filled with a post-Wilco Show Glow . . . forgive me if I go on a little. This was my 13th Wilco concert and the best. Was at the Melbourne and Sydney shows and loved our night at the Opera House ( I found out it was lit up blue for Autism which I appreciated having a beautiful 11 year old son, Sean, who was diagnosed with Autism ) but last night was something else, it really was. I'm visiting my friend, but she's not into rock shows, so I was without my husband last night. I met a very nice couple from the States and we managed to get down to the v
  9. I didn't want last night to end. My husband and I had a great evening ( even though I was front row, Nels side, and he was 10 rows back! ). I had to keep reminding myself it was one night only for us to see Wilco at the opera house. WILCO AT SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE!! The walk to the venue along the harbour was gorgeous and the opera house looked beautiful all lit up. I was so excited, I'll never forget it. Wilco we're amazing, as ever,and I loved "One by One". Waiting in airport for flight back to Melbourne. Hope everyone has a great night tonight ( Be Wise, Ecythump . . .) I'm travelling to We
  10. A really wonderful show. It's 5am and I can't sleep and I can't stop thinking of Wilco . . . . Very excited for Sydney and Wellington next week. Froggie, was it not Australia's most notorious fan?
  11. I requested Remember the Mountain Bed tonight. I've learnt the lyrics . . . it's taken years. Dying to sing it.
  12. The music was fantastic last night, I can't wait for this evening. Loved Laminated Cat and Spiders, and Handshake Drugs always sounds wonderful live. We're closer to stage tonight ( 4 rows back ) - so excited!!
  13. Paul! I've been thinking of you and Brianne. The last time I saw them was with you in Vienna, 3 years ago! Can I just say I instantly regretted giving my Springsteen ticket away - Was a fantastic concert by all accounts and Pat was standing a few spaces away from my Mother and Ray. Bugger it! Wish you were here, you would like it here.
  14. Thank You Rebecca. Please message me your mobile so that I can meet and say hello to you before show. Given my Brucie ticket to Mum tonight, who's visiting from England, so she's going with my hubby. I wanted to be fresh for this run of Wilco shows! Can't have Bruce wrecking me Wilco week.
  15. Next Week!!! I'm so excited this morning.
  16. Well done, Mende. I got aa 38 and 39. I thought it was the front row for a few mins :0)
  17. Terrific!! I love them. Get over to Melbourne, we miss.
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