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  1. Don't worry Froggie I bet you get them Monday. Mine came registered post if that makes any difference. And anyway if they don't come you can have my husbands. He loves Wilco but he also loves sitting at home in front of the soccer!
  2. Arrived yesterday thank goodness.
  3. Froggie, your a star! Tickets for Sydney and Melbourne purchased! Heart still beating very fast!
  4. You Lucky Ducks! It would be so nice to fly/sail over to Ireland and have a few nights in wonderful Dublin and twice as good to see Wilco over there. I live in Melbourne but come from Carlisle and if I was still there I would be doing the same as you. Hope you have a wonderful time x
  5. Sarah C, I was so excited when I heard about your guitar pick and thought maybe there had been one planted in my prize box which I had missed. I have just been out to the recycle bin and there was something! - A COCKROACH!
  6. Hi Whiskygirl We went to see him last night at Melbourne's Palais. I'm not so hot at reviewing but from where we where he was on fine form and like you say thet voice was beautiful I could have listened for hours. Hope you have a great night in Sydney. x
  7. Chicken Pox ain't nice. Wishing you a speedy recovery Nels
  8. Yes, I love them all day long. Definetely my favourite band.
  9. Damn it! I want to live in America!
  10. I can't stop listening to "The Angel of Angels", it's by far the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. Gorgeous.
  11. Yeah, that was great. He seems a lovely man and very interesting. You, also, have a very relaxed friendly style of interviewing and it works.
  12. excites me and sends me all of a quiver!
  13. Thanks Froggie, it was wonderful to see that part of the show again. Wish they would come and live over here. I hate them leaving Australia so soon.
  14. That is so funny. I've had one of those days but tonight you've really made me laugh Mr McMurderman.
  15. Look, I'm so desperate to see Wilco play in Australia at the moment, that if they came out and played "Mandy" by Barry Manilow you wouldn't hear me complaining.
  16. Dear Jeff, Very sad to hear about your Mum. A lot of love being blown your way over the seas from Melbourne, Australia.
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