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  1. Got tickets for both shows in Melbourne. Roll on May!
  2. I was wondering if you were at the Cork Gig! So glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm still on a high from seeing them in Yorkshire a month ago. Never seen anything so great in all my time, ever!
  3. Wonderful Record. Going to their show in Yorkshire next Friday and very excited about it.
  4. 14. Band you want to see the most: Can hardly wait to see Richmond Fontaine.
  5. Two string plastic guitar from a school jumble sale but we've jazzed it up and Sean, here, adores it!
  6. Going to miss him and miss dreaming of him one day making music with Wilco once again. Very sad.
  7. What a wonderful pair of musicians to see tonight at the East Brunswick Club. They were great. The venue was very intimate and still a good crowd for a Sunday evening. Lots of songs from the new album and I recognised a couple of Jayhawk tracks too. They ended with 'Blue' which I love. They were in good spirits and very funny and very comfortable and I hope I see them again.
  8. Hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what Richmond Fontaine were like I am dying to them them live.
  9. Fabulous and I watch it at least twice a day!
  10. I took my two lads to see this here in Melbourne yesterday. The movie was awful and the boys were restless and hard to manage. However, Nick Cave was also in there watching with his boys which I found quite exciting!
  11. Exciting news! Love having something wonderful like this to look forward to! Also found out today that Richmond Fontaine are touring down here later in year!
  12. Me too!! So in love with Richmond Fontaine!
  13. Fabulous. Your week was amazing and it sounds like you caught some amazing music in some great cities. How exciting!
  14. Damn! I've just recently switched to Triple R.
  15. Goodness me, that must have been a brilliant show. I would love to see them play Far, Far Away.
  16. That's wonderful Matt. It brings tears to my eyes. Hang on to those feelings you felt.
  17. I love photo 14 especially. It was such a magic night and your photos have captured the feel. Have to agree with you lukeshakedrugs, Misunderstood was thrilling.
  18. .....and I got to meet Froggie which in itself was wonderful!
  19. Lovely way to spend the afternoon listening to these guys. The music was gorgeous. It's a great day in Melbourne today.
  20. That's marvellous! Have a wonderful time. Congratulations
  21. I'm with you with this one llynn! Townes is a God.
  22. Hurray! Merry Christmas Froggie x
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