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  1. My most watched Youtube clip. Mad about it, just gorgeous
  2. What a lovely interviewer. That was nice to watch. Thank You, Sarah.
  3. Bugger! Got very excited for a moment there.
  4. Well, if they do make it out here, I hope you can come along. Welcome to stay with us in Melbourne.
  5. Far,far away would be near the top 3 of my list.
  6. Amaranthine, me too! It's my favourite.
  7. The shows sound wonderful. I would love to be there.
  8. Really!! Wonder if they'll pop down south to Australia. Oh No, flying home for my brother's wedding in England at start of August. What a dilemma. I live for Wilco in Melbourne.
  9. "Oblivious" is the first song I fell in love with - still love it! I remember being 12 and off school sick. Mum came back from shopping in town, and she'd bought me high Land, Hard Rain.
  10. I loved their debut, will definetely buy this new record.
  11. You're so right about shoes, Paul! Just walked about 6 miles around Brussels airport, and it would've been more comfortable walking on broken glass. Missed my connecting flight back to Mum and Dad's in Cumbria, which was a little stressful, and in the panic lost my passport and boarding card, which was found by some lovely person and handed in. Nevermind, I'd do it all again if I could. Still here, in Brussels, and thinking about the wonderful show last night. It was a spur of the moment decision to come to Vienna. I've never travelled without Ray and our boys before, and was a bit nervous,
  12. Two great nights in Newcastle and Glasgow. Glasgow was an amazing show and I'm still floating. Very special meeting Paul and Brianne too. Hope to see them in Melbourne next time. Froggie, I felt you there in spirit and thought you might have had a good laugh when some guy in the Glasgow crowd shouted out "Hey Jeff, git yer willy Oot!"
  13. I still can't get to sleep. Can't get them out of my head. It's a wonderful feeling.
  14. It was wonderful! We had the best time... I can't sleep now! The kids are at school and I could have a snooze but still flying high. Can't wait to see Wilco again. Going home in September to UK to see my family and booked tix for Newcastle upon Tyne Show. Maybe even Glasgow! I Love Wilco. Great to talk to you Froggie and meet up with you again. I agreed with you about that girl. She certainly rattled people around her and the band. Major attention seeker! Highlights for me - Laminated Cat, Less than you Think, When you wake up feeling old... ...and I love the hour before they come out an
  15. Froggie, I was standing about 8 people from your right. I caught when Jeff said hello to you and sang you 'Muzzle of Bees'. It was Lovely. Wonderful night and I could hardly sleep afterwards. Can't wait for tonight.
  16. It's a fantastic photograph. He looks like a wolf.
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