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  1. Anybody care to explain SSF to me? I have the all cover show Wilco did a few years ago and I love it. What other bands have played or are playing? The website doesn't seem to list any. Does Wilco play every night? Any Tweedy solo stuff?
  2. Anybody have any audio or video of Why Why Why? I've been dying to hear it for a few weeks! Can't believe Jeff liked a song enough to play it so much but not release it.
  3. Great show! The acoustic part of the show went like this: IATTBYH New Madrid Hummingbird You and I Jesus Passenger Side We've Been Had Not for the Season A Shot in The Arm I'm the Man Who Loves You Pretty similar to the setlist in Athens, still a great show. Lots of fun.
  4. Great set list! Seeing him in Philly on Sunday for my birthday. Do you know what time he was on/off by?? Was there any opener?
  5. One of my favorite shows. My words, Panthers, early Muzzle, More Like The Moon.
  6. Thanks. Meant to say they have overlapping fanbases since they both were members of two of the biggest alt country bands ever.
  7. I don't think it's that they don't get along. I'm not sure they have ever even met. I think it's just Whiskeytown and Uncle Tupelo were sort of rivals back in the day, and Ryan is pretty well known for being wild and disrespectful towards other artists. Jeff was too back then, but to a much lesser extent. Their fan bases over lap since they play kind of similar music.
  8. I have collected tons of Tweedy/Wilco shows, and have watched a ton more on YouTube. I've heard Jeff talk about a lot of singers from James Brown, to Jay Farrar, to Andrew Bird. However, I have never once heard him mention Ryan Adams or even Whiskeytown. Ryan Adams had a famous quip about Jeff in his rant to Jim DeRogatis (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoTUXBbaFjE), and there are a few interviews where he mentions Tweedy (one where he says he is better than Tweedy again). Anyway, does anyone know of any time when Jeff mentions Ryan? I would love to hear what he has to say about him.
  9. !! Nothing Up My Sleeve solo? Has this happened before? I've consulted the WilcoBase (http://wilcobase.com/songs.php?begin=175&num=8&numBegin=3) and don't see it being played live -- solo or with the band. I thought One True Vine was rare the other night! Glad to see it was another great show. Hope you enjoyed
  10. Start and end of the set were very good. Middle contained three of my least favorite songs in a row (impossible, art of almost, war on war). My friend who is new to wilco commented at one point "they jam a lot more than I thought they would." Tweedy commented on the dull crowd after hummingbird. After saying it was mattys first show he then said something like "is everyone here's first show too?" Then he stepped away from the mic and said "seems like it!" Obviously the stuff with beck and Sean Lennon stole the entire concert. I really wish Dylan invited beck and Jeff out for the end of hi
  11. Wow interesting song choice. Also, Tweedy wore the same outfit at Terminal 5.
  12. Do you know if they will be play somewhere tonight after the Terminal 5 show?
  13. Can you request songs if you are in the gold seating?? I really am thinking about making the trip out from NJ...
  14. Awesome find. Never saw that one before. That video lead me to this one ... Check out Tweedy's hair! I guess I haven't seen a lot of 2000-ish videos. Weird style...
  15. Yeah. I love M. Ward but only have 4 albums and don't know that song off the top of my head. I can't play the clip here at work either... But he does use D6 tuning for a huge percentage of his songs. I think that along with his voice/however he records helps make everything of his sound super-old.
  16. One of my favorite solo Tweedy shows (perhaps #2 after 5.16.03). Please Be Patient With Me opener followed by Mountain Bed, Spiders, Wait Up and Chinese Apple. Pieholden Suite and the banter around that was great too. Not to mention Cars Can't Escape. Edit: but there is definitely a show where he plays some cool finger-picking song without any explanation. It will come to me again eventually.
  17. That's great. I guess critically acclaimed bands understand each other. I personally kind of hate Radiohead and the amazing reviews they get on a consistent basis.
  18. Haha. Sorry, I made sure to clarify it in the post. Just thought the full name would be too long for a title. I hate it when you have to spend 10 minutes trying to figure it out. Though, if you don't know what IATTBYH is, you aren't a true Wilco fan
  19. Cool, thanks guys. In retrospect, I think I was thinking of another show where he plays like 30 seconds of some song without singing. It is bothering me that I can't remember it. I recently found the Elizabeth Cotten song he plays on 8/16/06. She is good.
  20. Sorry to make an entire thread on this but it has always bothered me. 99% sure that before How To Fight Loneliness on Sunken Treasure Tweedy plays like 15-20 seconds of another persons song. I think it is after he flubs HTFL, he plays it and then asks the crowd "No?"
  21. i am looking at tweedy's page on that site. what are half of these songs? from hell to breakfast? formerly hail centurion liquidation totale lyrical stance i take it these are all songs he has written but were just never released?? terrible names...
  22. great show! i haven't been keeping up with wilco lately. i was completely unaware that they do an acoustic set. more like the moon, someday some morning and not for the season were huge surprises at a full band show. easily the best wilco concert i've been to. might have to try and get tickets for tomorrow night...
  23. easily the most pretentious thing jeff tweedy has done. the rock critics who cited this as brilliant are a joke. agib is my favorite wilco album, by the way.
  24. that video is awesome. i think tweedy has said he hates playing lead guitar nowadays, but he is definitely good enough. i prefer that live version to live versions nowadays. not sure which studio version i like better. i have to listen to them again.
  25. i don't think via chicago should be #1, but it definitely deserves to be in tweedy's top 20. that is way too big of a song to be left out of a list like this. i think it's the only possible song left.
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