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  1. Anyone know how to get on a list for upgrades, in case anyone cancels?
  2. IATTBYH as background to Chicago bears game when talking about bears at 9:05
  3. I always love this sheeeettt....I think Cure is performing (still not confirmed). The speeches are sometimes interesting (to see what Robert Smith will say is worth price of admission). Problem is you cant watch until HBO cuts it up. Doesn't look like too much drama this year (anyone remember Blondie).
  4. Sweet....I will be at the Fort Lauderdale Show...who is going, maybe a drink before.
  5. Looks like Solo Said this today on AMA I'll be playing solo unless Spencer surprises us. It's different than playing with a band. I enjoy both. But I'm always a little lonely.
  6. I got mine. Just started watching the Doc on Bobby Keys last night. Never realized the other peeps he played with (including Buddy Holly?). What a life.
  7. Anyone know how to get access to artist presale. https://www1.ticketmaster.com/jeff-tweedy/event/0D005574B86BA1E5#efeat6916
  8. So just discovered Magnolia Electric Co. (Jason Molina). He sounds like Neil Young and I heard "Almost Wasn't Good Enough" and then checking out entire Disc. Song Ring the Bell has the same guitar work as Impossible Germany...pretty awesome.
  9. In a review I read, it said that Crosby wanted to be a part and they are not interested (he was not in the group when they did SOTR). He wont sign off on the use of the name. You wont see Byrds anywhere on the tour advertise. Sounds like an incredible show....doubt it will come to Florida.
  10. From all the places that may have an answer...there are not any that I can find. Would be great if they had Poncho and Nils both for a tour.
  11. Just was checking this out....first time Teen Spirit...some nice screaming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1360&v=GP6aVTUGKbU
  12. I worry that they will never make it down to South FLA again....
  13. OMG Never saw that shot and didn't remember that they opened for the stones. How did I miss that? Charlie is Shit....and everyone else in the pix as well.
  14. Looks great....No The Weight? Hate to be that guy but if I was going to see her I would want to hear The Weight.
  15. This is the destroyer I think of. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destroyer_(Led_Zeppelin_bootleg_recording)
  16. I saw him at culture room maybe 4-5 years ago. Great show and he could still play. 2 sets with some long jams. In fact think ended set 1 with Jessica and started set 2 with sane song. Maybe my memory is off a bit. Just checked it was 2009. Time flies
  17. OMG Neil Young going to a record bootleg store early 70's.
  18. It's really insane good...watching Birds at Fillmore East 1970.
  19. suites

    A.M. Deluxe?

    It's all on SPOTIFY...woooooooo
  20. The archive is up on his website....it's insane. Some stuff not able to play but says coming soon. If you drill in he has photos and lyric handwritten sheets. Pretty cool.
  21. Funny, I think of myself as someone who knows a bit about music and is always looking for new acts to like. I have never heard of any of these....LOL...I guess I have an opportunity to find some new music (at least for me).
  22. Jeff should only Open for Bob Dylan or the Rolling Stones...everyone else should open for him.
  23. Does Jeff open for groups? They should open for him
  24. I know some of those are pretty sweet.
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