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  1. The Wilco Archive has some shows at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5xZV5X8KwRCTlB3MXVpVGE1NGc
  2. I got mine last Friday. It sounds great and is stone cold quiet between tracks. Well worth it.
  3. I believe I have what you need as AIFF-C files. PM me. I can upload it for you on DropBox if you would like.
  4. At Solid Sound 2011, they played "I Might" on both nights, 06-24-11 and 06-25-11.
  5. I ordered online and the total handling fee was $18.00. The total was about $10.00 cheaper than going through Solid Solid ($286.00 vs. $296.00). I just checked again and the handling fees have gone up at Mass MoCA like you said. At least I saved $10.00 when I ordered them yesterday.
  6. I ordered my two tickets directly from MassMoCA and they were $10.00 cheaper than going through Solid Sound and EventBrite.
  7. From wilcoworld.net, Tweedy will also be performing at SSF.
  8. I just got off the phone with Front Gate Tickets and they said that the e-mails will be going out this coming week.
  9. Still waiting for my e-mail also. I sent an e-mail to Front Gate Tickets per the instructions on my order receipt and have not heard anything back.
  10. arjaykay

    Wilco Vinyl

    Also the Soil-X 7" with "Childlike And Evergreen" and "Someone Else's Song", and the "I'm A Wheel"/"Kicking Television" 7".
  11. http://store.yeproc.com/album.php?id=218
  12. The Berkshire Eagle stated today that Mass MoCA has sold 4200 tickets so far for the festival. Nice size crowd if the attendance stays around this level.
  13. This item is up for sale on Ebay. Wilco (The Album) - 12 Tracks - including one bonus track. http://cgi.ebay.com/WILCO-Album-JAPAN-CD-LTD-SLIPCASE-1-M670-/180517243995?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Music_CDs&hash=item2a07aa8c5b Does anyone have this CD or know what the bonus track is? Thanks.
  14. No problem here...very slight warp in the record, but no skip. Adjusting the anti-skate will not stop skipping. The anti-skate is used to counteract the tendency of the tonearm to slide right or left. By misadjusting the anti-skate, it causes the needle to put a lot of pressure on one side of the vinyl groove, causing uneven and premature wear of the vinyl. This does more damage than having too much weight on the tonearm. For most turntables, the tonearm should be balanced at zero weight. Then about 1.5 to 2.0 grams of pressure should be dialed in. This should be sufficient for most ca
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