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  1. Also, I think the high point of all of this stuff wasn't Jeff hugging my kids, or seeing shows in somebody's cool basement, but seeing Paul pop up out of Jeff''s bathtub. That made my year. I couldn't have written that. Superb.
  2. Oh, man. Via Chicago. First saw Wilco in 1995, fell in love. Joined VC in '04 to find tix to Otto's shows in DeKalb, fell in love. So much good music I mighta never heard. So many good people I probably never would have met. Ended up doing posters for the band. Have had so many good shenanigans with all you highy messed up freaks. It has meant a lot to me over the years. A whole, whole lot. There are a lot of you I still see, there are a lot of you I miss. Thanks for the very real community. Happy Birthday, VC!!!
  3. Really digging a lot of these songs. Bummer it's going away for three weeks. Still streaming at the moment, however. When it stops, I will preorder. Maybe vinyl. Kudos, Wilco. You win again. THIS time!
  4. Only one listen, but a lot of good songs on there. One song sounded like David Rawlings finger picked the intro.
  5. I had such a good time with You People. The line between hot and cozy melted. And the More Like The Moon stands out to me among the other gems. Can't express enough thanks to Sam and Sooz and Sue and Jeff and Zelda. And the little pies were the icing on the cake, if such a thing can be said.
  6. Ditto. I still listen to that show often. One of my favorite nights.
  7. Great to see you too, Paul. Too bad our breakfast times didn't overlap on Monday, but I had to just lay there till noon almost. I shot time lapse stuff of the whole arena till about Wilco's third song, then slowly panned to the stage, and eventually couldn't take standing under the big AC vent for the whole arena anymore and came back downstairs. I think Richie got some really good images at these shows.
  8. Boy, this band is getting so tight! Such strong vocals, and they really work so well together. Great to see them, and great to see all the usual suspects, outside and jumping up and down in the crowd as well. Lots of crazy stuff going on in my life and in the world (the Balloon Boy was the last straw), this was just the tonic. And watching Glenn for drumming tips (been playing for the last year or two) made me realize what a beast he is, and that watching him for tips is like trying to get Einstein to explain basic algebra. You'll still need a translator. Thanks Hotel SnS for the hospitali
  9. Happy Birthday Wendy! Wish I'd a seen ya!
  10. j4lackey

    UIC Chicago

    There is one for each night, but they're kinda weird-looking.
  11. j4lackey

    UIC Chicago

    Thanks, ELiz. Gonna check it out right now.
  12. j4lackey

    UIC Chicago

    You do indeed, Dear. In that picture, your new house looks all run down, but I love the coat! Ooh, thanks! I might just do that. Wait, is that one way?
  13. j4lackey

    UIC Chicago

    I think I am gonna come up for this. Weather looks nice. Haven't seen "you people" for a while. Been working too hard. Could use a shot in the arm (a legal one, of course).
  14. Holy shit, Tamala. I am so happy for you guys. Very cool! Looks like an incredible setlist too!
  15. We will be there. Don't know where the seats are. Hitting the road...........now!
  16. Yay! So we're all going to the French Bistro! Just kidding. We'll be there, Wendy. Been too busy to get on the board in a while (it's differnt!) Looking forward to seeing you all, even those crazy California college girls!
  17. j4lackey@blahblahblah.com just sayin....
  18. I will give this design a shot, underneath "Via Chicago:". The Chicago skyline isn't copywrited, is it?
  19. It's called the Dad Syndrome. Only this is the rock and roll version, instead of bermuda shorts and sandals with socks (which are actually WAY underrated).
  20. Thanks, Wendy. I had a design for a block print, but I just didn't have time to pull it off, and hopefully will use it for next year. But that artist you put in a link for (Marc somebody?) had some posters in this show I am in in Louisville: GigPoster Show . I have taken some time to look closely at the Jay Ryan poster today. Very, very cool, and very well-done. Nice job, S&S. And in case they read this, I want to say a big Thanks to Jeff and Susan. She's heard all these songs and stories before, yet still arranges and attends these wonderful and good-doing shows. And I really felt that
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