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  1. Happy Birthday, Vince! You should do something special tomorrow!
  2. I used to think it was "Our love is all we got, it's funny", till my wife heard me singing it that way. She won that one...
  3. Happy Birthday, Kate! Hope it was a good one!
  4. Well, music IS subjective. Thanks for these!
  5. I'm sorry you had to watch me rub my toes. In retrospect, I should have just poured coffee in my boots. I heard they're doing Death Valley in August next year, just to balance things.
  6. That's weird. I have a buttload of $$$$ signed by the band, but no pick.
  7. Happy Birthday, Jesse! Maybe I'll see you at the Cary show?
  8. I was excited to hear this, I like them both, but listened to it at the record store (or whatever it's called) and couldn't get into it at all.
  9. Happy Birthday, Tamala! Breakfast in bed two days in a row. Wow!!
  10. Happy Birthday, Spawn! Hope it was a good one!
  11. I dunno. There are a lot of teenage girls with phones. I actually felt so sorry for him when he forgot the words to Tambourine Man. Syesha's got so much more of what it takes to be a star than all the rest, I can't understand why Simon blows her so much shit. Plus, David C, 90 seconds of Baba O'Riley is not really worth bothering with.
  12. If your professors give you a D, your ninjas can kick their asses!!!
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