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  1. didnt fricke just recently say that wilco was the greatest band of all time or something like that?
  2. thats my point in my last post. they are still works in progress and i think that people should be patient and wait for the finished product
  3. ok, im probably going to somehow save this thread. i just have a feeling when the new album comes out, most of the people who are saying the new album will suck will love the album and thats when i will be posting all of the negative comments about the new wilco stuff
  4. this is my attempt at my favorite song theologians: http://download.yousendit.com/A783FF9837AB1650 hope you enjoy and i would like to hear some opinions. thanks
  5. jeff, i am very sorry for your loss, and i would just like to wish you and your family the best. deepest sympathies, jack
  6. AM-Too Far Apart/Thats Not the Being There-The Lonely 1/Why Would You Want To Live Mermaid Avenue 1-Another Man's Done Gone/anything Billy Bragg touched Summerteeth-I'm Always In Love/Can't Stand It Mermaid Avenue 2-Remember The Mountain Bed/anything Billy Bragg touched Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-Heavy Metal Drummer/Kamera A Ghost is Born-Theologians/Company In My Back Kicking Television-Comment/Hell is Chrome
  7. where are you getting your info from? cuz i looked at wilcoworld and i didnt see anything
  8. the song is called whispery kiss, and im almost positive thats the only time its been played. am i right, ppl who know more than i do?
  9. hey all, the Sunken Treasure trailer is now up on wilco's website, just letting everyone know
  10. me playing with my band: having fun with photobooth: distorting the picture on photobooth (how do i have a girlfriend?):
  11. well said, and AWATT, pm was sent
  12. plus it was the packers...only the oldest rivalry in football
  13. 26-0 over the packers!!!! first time favre has been shut-out in his career. grossman put away my fears about him. the rookies showed up and im excited for the rest of the year.
  14. i think they made the right decision in leaving it off the record. the idea of mermaid avenue was that wilco and billy bragg put music to woody guthrie's lyrics. although when the roses bloom again is a great song, woody guthrie did not write the lyrics, and it was left off the album.
  15. youre right...i remember hearing the whole show somewhere and tweedy said that it was a woody guthrie tune
  16. i have an acoustic version of at least thats what you said
  17. well, here is a link to a video of it: didnt someone say they would post an mp3 of the acoustic version?
  18. i think he was just messing around when he said "1/3 of the band is glad to be here." after that he said "this is why i dont speak into the microphone."
  19. sweet news, i cant wait. i just saw them at lollapalooza yesterday, and they were very very good
  20. ya that is pretty sweet...anyone have the mp3??
  21. hey all, i was checking myspace videos for wilco and i found this video of a cartoon jeff. i never heard of the song that he is playing, so im wondering if it is really a jeff tweedy/wilco song, or someone that sounds like him. heres the link: Jeff Tweedy cartoon
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