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  1. white sox traded neil cotts for right-handed reliever david aardsma and left-handed relief prospect carlos vasquez from the cubs
  2. epiphone double-neck gibson sg ibanez electric acoustic i dont have a picture of my amp but its a 80 volt vox
  3. this is from 10/30/04 and it is poor places into reservations http://download.yousendit.com/D7E41C481EDC7F17
  4. my first wilco concert was august 12, 2000 at chicago's rock the river. i was a ripe old age of 12 and i did not want to go. my dad basically dragged me to see them, and ever since that night, i was hooked. about 5 1/2 years later, at the living room concert in barrington, my dad talked to jeff tweedy on my cell phone, telling him how he had to drag me to see them. thanks dad. 2000-08-12 Wilco Chicago Tribune - Rock The River Chicago, IL 1. Airline To Heaven 2. Feed Of Man 3. Christ For President 4. California Stars 5. Secret Of The Sea 6. Remember The Mountain Bed 7. R
  5. i dont know if you heard the song hallo gallo by neu, but spiders sounds ridiculously close to it. if is that the thanks i get doesnt make the cut, ill be bummed. and jhc (john!! whats up?) is right. it is interesting how we havent heard 2 songs that was menioned.
  6. all i want is a crapload of new songs
  7. hey all, i just got back from the screening of my morning jacket's concert film, okonokos. first off, i have got to say is . these guys are fantastic. they give a really high energy performance here (they always do live), and i really recommend that people pick up this dvd. it is flat out brilliant
  8. i remember reading somewhere (greg kot book?) that "can't stand it" was something that reprise mixed to try to make the band more commercial. i personally think that production-wise bennett made some good and some bad decisions. she's a jar, i'm always in love, my darling, and pieholden suite are examples of great songs on this album. i think this album has too many tracks, like we're just friends and (i know i'm going to get yelled at) nohing'severgoingtostandinmyway(again). i love how to fight loneliness was done on the bonus dvd of iattbyh. my 2 cents
  9. i am a freshman in college and what ive been taught to be tolerant. to me, each person has their own viewpoints and whether i like it or not i probably cant change them. so, i just go with the flow and if i see a comment i dont agree with, whatever, that is that person's view on things. there are too many good people on this website to let one or two people making dumb comments ruin it for me. anyways, i hope this isnt too insecure for people (joke )
  10. to the people who have the dvd, is there any special features on it? to the people who have the dvd, is there any special features on it?
  11. from http://wilcoworld.net/news/index.php "Although we normally go WAY out of our way to avoid responding to things like this, we feel obligated to address some sensationalized stories about Monday night's Wilco show in Springfield, Missouri. Here's a brief synopsis of what happened. It was clear fairly early on that security was a a bit lax at the Shrine Mosque. We had decided in advance to not have a barricade in front of the stage (a mistake?) so the band and crowd could be as close together as possible. The band prefer it that way. Fairly early in the set, there were a couple of peopl
  12. wow that version was awesome...i wish they would bring this one back
  13. thats a very good reason. man, my floor (im in a dorm) went absolutely nuts. i also retract my earlier comment. i actually gained some respect for matt leinart; he had a hell of a game til the 4th quarter, and i think he has a bright future in the NFL
  14. damn you beat me to it!!! best line ever!!! but to be different, i would also add: "You have to learn how to die if you wanna wanna be alive"
  15. didnt fricke just recently say that wilco was the greatest band of all time or something like that?
  16. thats my point in my last post. they are still works in progress and i think that people should be patient and wait for the finished product
  17. ok, im probably going to somehow save this thread. i just have a feeling when the new album comes out, most of the people who are saying the new album will suck will love the album and thats when i will be posting all of the negative comments about the new wilco stuff
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