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  1. I found this video on youtube and I thought it was pretty cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PI8h9e0j3c
  2. Tie for #1 1. Wilco-Sky Blue Sky 1. Damon Albarn, Simon Tong, Paul Simonon, Tony Allen-The Good, The Bad & The Queen 3. The White Stripes-Icky Thump 4. The Frames-The Cost 5. Spoon-Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Honorable Mentions: Hanson-The Walk (surprisingly good), John Fogerty-Revival, Dropkick Murphys-The Meanest of Times
  3. Is there any way to shut down this thread? The person/people (Pusha-A and Malice) who started this thread are idiots who are now banned from the site. In their day of posting all they have done is try to cause trouble here. They knew when they posted that this topic has been beaten to death and they just wanted to get a rise out of people.
  4. Ok, so what PBS channel is this on Saturday. I'm in Chicago and I can't find which channel this is on. Help?
  5. They may trade him. Personally, I don't think they will and I hope to god they don't.
  6. White Sox decline options on Darin Erstad and Mike Myers. Hopefully they decline Uribe as well
  7. Edgar Renteria traded to Tigers: Link Wow that was fast
  8. The Old Town School of Folk Music's Wilco Ensemble played a set at the Armitage stage Friday night. Their set comprised of AM and Summerteeth tracks, and all who attended were not dissapointed. Set List: Can't Stand It She's A Jar Too Far Apart Via Chicago ELT It's Just That Simple Dash 7 How To Fight Loneliness We're Just Friends Summerteeth Shot in The Arm Passenger Side
  9. wow froggie, youre being spoiled. wilco touring australia twice in the span of one year is pretty sweet
  10. Damn you Froggie!!! Can't Stand Cock A Magazine Called Cock I'm The Cock That Loves You She's A Cock Radio Cock Poor Cock
  11. another one with jim james: M. Ward featuring Jim James and Neko Case on Conan
  12. first concert: hanson 2nd concert: John Fogerty first time seeing wilco: Rock the River 2000
  13. 1. Wilco 2. My Morning Jacket 3. The White Stripes 4. The Flaming Lips 5. Fountains of Wayne 6. The Good, The Bad & The Queen/Gorillaz/Blur (Pretty much Damon Albarn) 7. The Beatles 8.. Glen Hansard/The Swell Season/The Frames 9. Loose Fur 10. The Kinks 11. Ween 12. Beck 13. Otis Redding 14. CCR/John Fogerty 15. Neil Young 16. Uncle Tupelo 17. Tenacious D 18. The Ramones 19. The Blasters 20. Still Not Sexy
  14. theres a prank war going on over at collegehumor.com. PRANK WAR!!! starts out pretty juvenile, but the stakes keep getting raised
  15. does anyone have an mp3 or FLAC of that song with the new lineup? i would love to hear it
  16. i saw him on his premonition tour. one of the best ive been to.
  17. god i hope so, that may have been the funniest story of the night
  18. Cant Stand It DADF#AD Riif 1: 050050 070070 090090 070070 040040 020020 000000 555555 Riff 2: 050050 070070 090090 040040 Riff 3: 050050 040040 020020 D: 000xxx or 12 12 12 xxx however you feel G: 555xxx A: 777xxx F: 333xxx Ok so here it goes: Riff 1-G D-G x4 D G The way things go D G You get so low D G Struggle to find your skin D G Oh hey ho D G Look out below D G D G Your prayers will never be answered again D-Gx4 D G Phones still ring D G And singers sing D G D G Speakers are speaking in code D G What now D G Well anyhow D G
  19. surprising that heart of gold (neil young), once (glen hansard and marketa irglova), and okonokos (my morning jacket) didnt make the list
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