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  1. You know how i know you're gay...
  2. Just downloaded the album from Itunes. It definitely has a nice groove to it and very enjoyable!!!
  3. Peanut Butter Pulitzer Prize!!! Really good video of it here: HIghly Suspicious-Rolling Stone Vid
  4. Thanks a lot, I'll give this a shot when I get a chance tomorrow!
  5. This is so much better live than on the album. Never really got into this song until I've heard it live.
  6. Its actually EBEG#BE Capo 1. This was told to me by Jeff Tweedy at a living room show.
  7. Three of my other favorite bands have all opened for Wilco at some point in time. My Morning Jacket, Flaming Lips, and Fountains of Wayne.
  8. How does the full band More Like the Moon sound live?
  9. When I was able to talk to Jeff at the 2007 Living Room Show, he told me that the tuning he uses was EBEG#BE with the capo on the first fret.
  10. Not to bite the hand that feeds me, but do you have the AUD recording of night 4?
  11. You guys were awesome!!! You guys were the soul section of the band. So when is this Conan O'Brien date?
  12. So has Day 3 or 4 been posted anywhere besides dimeadozen? I can't keep track either! Also, thanks to cars_cant_escape for putting them up for direct download. Big thanks to the tapers, without them, no one would be able to hear the concert outside of the concertgoers!!!
  13. Definitely old news... http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=26738
  14. "There Was No Song" Tongue Tied Lightning There Was No Song (J. Hermle, D. Hermle) Verse: There comes a time in everyone
  15. Well, the reason they're called My Morning Jacket is that Jim James found a robe or coat of some sort that had the letters MMJ on it. He then came up with My Morning Jacket. I think its perfectly ok to abbreviate My Morning Jacket to MMJ.
  16. I think we also did the Ruling Class, but I may be wrong, yankee?
  17. He was also in the middle of filming a Terry Gilliam movie called The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I came across this picture when checking out this movie: Extremely eery.
  18. Same here, very glad some newbies were able to enjoy themselves!
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