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  1. kickingtelevision@yahoo.com Please!!!
  2. What songs are you guys doing? I'll try to make it out
  3. You're breaking my heart, you're tearing it apart so f*ck you -Nillsson "You're Breaking My Heart"
  4. I'm going to guess "Hemispheres"
  5. Also, first ever live performance of Glad It's Over.
  6. A.M.-Too Far Apart For some reason, I always really liked this song. Cool riff and just a fun rocker. Its awesome they brought it back live. Being There-Misunderstood The beginning of Wilco's transformation. Summerteeth-I'm Always In Love First song I ever loved by Wilco. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-Poor Places First song I heard from this album on XRT in the summer of '01. The most important track on YHF. A Ghost Is Born-Theologians My favorite Wilco song. Sky Blue Sky-You Are My Face Great transition between the slower part and the funky-soul part in the middle.
  7. 1. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 2. You Are My Face 3. Spiders (Kidsmoke) 4. War on War 5. Side With The Seeds 6. Ashes of American Flags 7. Heavy Metal Drummer 8. Hate It Here 9. Pot Kettle Black 10. Theologians 11. Reservations 12. On & On & On
  8. My Morning Jacket or Jack White (White Stripes, The Raconteurs, Loretta Lynn)
  9. Yep, I joined up with that group. Can't wait!
  10. I used to know it, I'll give it a shot later when I have more time
  11. The video made it more popular. I like the song a lot but it isn't the best song on that album.
  12. New project www. myspace.com/tonguetiedlightningmusic
  13. So far I have to say: My Morning Jacket-Evil Urges Very fun record and I like how they are evolving. The Raconteurs-Consolers of the Lonely Much better than their first. Dr. Dog-Fate Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It Mates of State- Re-Arrange Us Biggest Disappointment: Beck-Modern Guilt
  14. White Sox decline Ken Griffey Jr.'s and Toby Hall's 2009 option Link
  15. This is a pretty ignorant statement unless it is tongue-in-cheek, quite a few Wilco songs are about relationships
  16. Carlos Quentin to have surgery to put a pin in his fractured wrist: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseb...0,6328351.story
  17. Yes, the Muppets. I am a big fan, one of my biggest influences.
  18. Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog): https://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01IZXQ1Qk5lM1JFQlE9PQ The Lonesome Wind That Blows (Woody Guthrie/Jeff Tweedy):https://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01IZXR3aFJUWUN4dnc9PQ
  19. My Morning Jacket is working on the next album already: http://www.nme.com/news/my-morning-jacket/37943
  20. Well, I hope you enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAjxWMnQ8o4. I'm the one on the left. Won't say what it is, but I'm glad the audience sang along.
  21. Where is everyone getting this?
  22. It was 2003 and I came home from baseball practice absolutely exhausted. My dad told me to go to my room and listen to tracks 8 and 9 (Run Thru and Rollin' Back). I passed out halfway through Run Thru. I was then force-fed It Still Moves wherever we went (baseball game, out for breakfast, uncle's funeral) and eventually, on my own terms, I liked them.
  23. "ART ROCK | My Morning Jacket, "Evil Urges" (ATO) Having spent its first decade building a loyal following straddling patchouli-scented jam-band fans and Pitchfork-quoting indie-hipsters -- an Allman Brothers for the alt-country crowd, or space-rock Wilco fronted by a reedier-voiced Lenny -- the Louisville, Ky., quintet My Morning Jacket began to walk the experimental/art-rock tightrope on its last album "Z" (2005), and it was rewarded with its biggest commercial success. Underscoring his desire not to be typecast as, you know, a mix of jam band fan and indie-rock hipster, bandleader Jim Jame
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