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  1. Don't get me wrong, Candyfloss is excellent, but in 1999 the teenage girls were listening to Backstreet Boys, NSync, and other boy bands.
  2. Do you mean back in 1999 this song would catch the ears of teenage girls?
  3. We recorded this with Grammy award winning engineer Jim Tullio in 2009 based off of the one time Jeff performed this song. We couldn't release it until Wilco released their version as they held the copyright. So, finally here it is! http://youtu.be/7TFBs7n7Gl8
  4. It is incredibly eerie to me that my band's version of "Listening To The Wind That Blows" which we recorded in 2009 is so similar to Wilco's.
  5. I actually recorded that song based off the live performance. I wanted to release it on my band's album, but after talking to Nora Guthrie, we couldn't until Jeff/Wilco released it first based on copyright laws.
  6. Tank is an Olde English Bulldogge. Olde English Bulldogges are different than the English Bulldogs as they are much healthier. Their faces aren't smushed so they have an easier time breathing and they don't really have bowed legs which is great for not having hip problems. They are also a bit taller than the English Bulldog, as they are being bred back out to how they used to be in the 1800s.
  7. Airline to Heaven is in We Bought A Zoo.
  8. I think it is just drop d. In watching the NPR Tiny Desk concert, Jeff only tunes the low E string to get it back to standard after playing Whole Love.
  9. Yours is pretty accurate to how I play it. I'll have to give it a go with the double drop d.
  10. It is Drop D. I'll try to put up how I play it tomorrow.
  11. There is. It is also in drop C. The way he plays the Em is 222000.
  12. Thanks for 2005 Ozzie, but don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  13. It is drop D. For the verses he just hits the Low D string on the 5th, 7th, 2nd, and 9th frets. The riff he plays is this: e|-0------0--| b|-0------0--| g|-4------5--| d|-0------0--| a|-5------7--| d|-5------7--| e|-0------0--| b|-0------0--| g|-0------7--| d|-2------0--| a|-2------9--| d|-2------9--| Also he plays this during the chorus: e|-5------7--| b|-5------7--| g|-5------7--| d|-5------7--| a|-7------9--| d|-7------9--|
  14. I was actually going to post this for the same exact reasoning. You beat me to the punch.
  15. I'm enjoying the handclaps on Standing O.
  16. Does anyone else think Capitol City has a "Broken Arrow" feel to it?
  17. You are correct. I'm just too lazy to update it.
  18. It is for the German Rolling Stone.
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