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  1. I caught the show on 12/30. Absolutely loved the first set. Fun show and fun crowd all around.
  2. Lucinda Williams reads lyrics from a notebook and flips pages between songs. I never understood how Garcia could remember 14 verses of Visions of Johanna while Springsteen needs a teleprompter for lyrics he's sung for 30 years or in some cases just recently wrote. It does seem to detract from the feeling a bit, but I couldn't blame you for using one if you don't sing much.
  3. Gov't Mule's tenth show ever, 9/16/94 at the Paradise in Boston. No more than 75 people there. The band stood outside the tour bus after the show talking to fans. Not exactly unknowns but ...
  4. He took the stage at 9pm. Not sure about the opener.
  5. Isbell at the Beacon tonight, too.
  6. Have the tacos at Sycamore. Absolutely worth the walk. That Kamera was Velvet Underground-ish. Love it. Powerful. Star Wars influencing the older songs.
  7. I can't get enough of the Help>Slip from this past Saturday's show at MSG. Not necessarily Franklins, just the H>S. It gets out there. Sounds great in headphones. Oteil adds a great jazzy dimension to it. https://m.soundcloud.com/quinfolk/05-hsf-to-fade-away
  8. Copps Coliseum 3-22-90 is a highlight of the Spring '90 tour. The Scarlet>Fire is an all-timer with a seamless segue. The ultra-rare Believe It Or Not is also well played.
  9. Still pulling good pairs of floor seats for Friday Brooklyn
  10. https://open.spotify.com/user/dmait/playlist/20biwNRQ3pWDcftplbbzlo This is my Summer 2015 playlist. Not comprehensive, just new songs that struck me and that I added to this list as I heard them. I'd planned on doing this for each season, but it may be easier as an annual list going forward. (Ignore the B52s, which I included before abandoning the idea of including "I forgot about that song" songs.)
  11. Can't get enough of this version of Spiders from 10/28: http://youtu.be/KL8toPR6GfU
  12. We walked in at 8pm with no line and were within 10 feet of the stage on the left side by 8:05. There were about 10 people trying to unload extra GAs at the front door at 8pm. You could have bought one for $10. Definitely eat at Bartaco before the show.
  13. Keep trying. They're still available, even after several times getting nothing.
  14. >Hearing a World Party/Waterboys influence, too. Definitely hear World Party. I went in cold to the show this Spring in DC at the 9:30 Club and thought WP the whole time.
  15. I've been listening to these two songs from the new album repeatedly for about three weeks now: Ramada Inn: Born in Ontario
  16. >So, all those people that were hating on Wilco bought tickets and went to the show? I really don't understand. Were they being sarcastic? I'm serious -- why were they there? Why go to a show if you are too cool for the band? That is the essence of the absurdity of Brooklyn Vegan.
  17. Great acoustic Spiders tonight. Someone here requested it last night.
  18. "Nighthawks at the Diner" is the one that turned me on. Him with a jazz rhythm section recorded live.
  19. Clarence Gatemouth Brown opened for Dr. John at Tramps in NYC in about 1999. To think I didn't know the Gate before that show. He was a national treasure. >Opener I Was Glad To Have Seen Before They Got All Douchey: Kings Of Leon for U2 Boston Garden May 2005 (3 nights) That tour must have killed KOL. Everything became arena anthems after that.
  20. Fritz - That's an incredible Big Star video. It's great on so many levels - harmonies, lead, funky rhythms, and the drummer is all over the place.
  21. Plenty available on craigslist already: >up to 10 hard GA tickets for Wilco- $85 each- prefer paypal (http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/tix/2495641780.html)
  22. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/music/la-et-dawes-20110708,0,6200685.story Dawes plays it old school The group's music evokes the best of the classic canyon rock era of the 1960s and '70s. The band members even have a place in Laurel Canyon. By Scott Timberg, Special to the Los Angeles Times July 8, 2011 It's a hot, bone-dry, blue-skied day in the hills above Los Angeles — the kind of crystalline morning one might expect to see Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and the Byrds' Gene Clark relaxing on a redwood deck strumming acoustic guitars. But the guys from canyon-rock band Dawes — ac
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