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Tasered Student

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Just curious, do cops have to be tasered during the course of their taser training? It might make them think twice about using it too much.



I knew someone who went to Police Training in South Florida and they did have to get Tasered.


I've done concealed/carry training with members on the Minnapolis SWAT team, they have a policy that any officer using a taser (or mace) must have the device used on them so they understand the sensation/effects.


At one of the trainings I actually had it used on me (voluntarily) and it wasn't so much painful as a very weird sensation, as you lose muscle control.

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Did it make you dance around like your old Grover avatar?



Actually it made my legs shoot straight forward, luckily a couple of big burly cop type dudes were there to catch me and prevent a nasty tail bone injury.


In the interest of full disclosure, they removed the barb projectile attachment and just touched me breifly (1-2 seconds) rather than giving me the full treatment.


It was enough to get the point. I don't want the real deal. Ever.

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Aren't there different types of tasers, as well? I heard the one they used on the kid in UF wasn't the normal type, it was something like a "dry tase" which is supposed to not be as bad. Or something. I don't know.


I always thought that tasers had the little hook-type projectiles connected to wires, and that stun guns were the things with the little prods on the end. I didn't know there were mutliple types of each or that it was based on the voltage they emit.

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I agree with this. Yep.

I also agree with this. Yep.

Though I do think it's worth looking into the safety and ethics of taser usage in general, I would guess there are some serious cases of mis(and over)usage of tasers just as there are plenty of cases of situations where they are extremely helpful.


You know what they used before Tasers?


Gun shots or choke holds.

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"Winnfield has seen a spate of high-profile corruption cases in recent years. One of Nevils' predecessors as district attorney, Terry Reeves, killed himself amid allegations of embezzlement and extortion. The town's current police chief, Johnny Ray Carpenter, is a convicted drug offender who received a pardon from former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards who himself is now serving a federal prison term for racketeering.


And Carpenter's predecessor, Gleason Nugent -- the father of Pikes' arresting officer -- committed suicide in 2005, after allegations of fraud and vote buying in the race for police chief, an elected position in Winnfield.


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