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yeah, the neil solo remasters are great. still some volume issues between tracks, but way better than before.



btw-i love interstate. so good. not a huge fan of ordinary people. i preferred it acoustic.





do i really have to admit that i'm joking:)


I think I mainly like the groove in Ordinary People.

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The version he had from the ten man working era kicks ass


like most 18 minute songs, it could be shorter. i thought it was so weird that he put it on CDII. take a track that was obviously cut and produced in 1988 and slap it on a new album.

i think hitchhiker will be on the new album, re-recorded.

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I think the length is just fine. But then, I don't worry about the length of songs. It is what it is.


Even more weird - for those who have never seen it:


Neil Young and Devo "Hey Hey, My My"


yeah, that is really a disturbing. the baby in the play pen.


i think hitchhiker will def be on the new record. especially because i bought a button at the show that says the hitchhiker. :)


right. and the t-shirts and stuff. so, how did you like the show. i was pleasantly surprised. i guess neil busted out 2 more songs for spartanburg...heart of gold and old man.

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right. and the t-shirts and stuff. so, how did you like the show. i was pleasantly surprised. i guess neil busted out 2 more songs for spartanburg...heart of gold and old man.

i LOVED it. a lot. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and "I Believe In You" brought tears to my eyes. The friends I went with and myself really debated hard about going to the Ryman show tonight. DIdn't happen, mostly cos I have a ton of school bills to deal with soon.

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Six songs into Neil Young's seemingly sedate solo set at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium last night, the 64-year-old rocker stunned fans who weren't expecting to leave with ringing ears. Putting down his acoustic guitar, he strapped on his signature electric Les Paul Old Black and began thrashing away on "Down by the River" like a one-man Crazy Horse. Over the last four decades, Young's solo theater shows have been decidedly unplugged affairs — but this time around, he clearly felt like once again defying expectations.


"]Check out photos from Young's Nashville show.


"]Young is midway through recording a new album with producer Daniel Lanois, and this short tour is partially a means to road-test new material. But before Young broke out fresh music, he opened with three crowd-pleasers that rang through the theater, demonstrating how his voice has remained miraculously undiminished by time: "My My, Hey Hey (Into the Blue)," "Tell Me Why" and "Helpless." Three consecutive new tracks followed, beginning with "You Never Call," which seems to be about the recent death of his longtime creative partner L.A. Johnson. "You're in heaven with nothing to do," Young sang with clear sorrow in his voice. "The ultimate vacation with no back pain." "Peaceful Valley" is a lament about man's destruction of the American frontier, from the time the pioneers slaughtered herds of buffalo to the present day, when global warming causes "ancient rivers to boil." Another new song, "Love and War," is both an anti-war anthem and an opportunity for Young to reflect on his own anti-violence canon. "Daddy won't ever come home," Young repeatedly sang to a child who lost his father. Later, the first few notes of a particularly snarling rendition of "Ohio" sent the audience into a frenzy, and Young's rage over the "]Kent State massacre seemed just as fresh today as when he wrote the song exactly 40 years ago.


The only old song of the night that didn't originate in Young's golden era of 1969-1978 was "Hitchhiker," an incredible, unreleased cut from the Harvest Moon era that he's hopefully considering for the new disc. Over just a few minutes the track tells Young's entire life story — growing up in Canada, driving his 1948 hearse to California, becoming successful with Buffalo Springfield, quickly becoming disenchanted by fame, buying his isolated ranch, divorcing Carrie Snodgress and finally finding happiness with his wife, Pegi. Along the way he lists all the drugs he's ingested: hash, Valium, amphetamines, cocaine and (his favorite) grass. [asset]


Before playing the new song "Leia" on the piano, Young spoke his only words of the night, briefly explaining the track is a tribute to the newest member of his family. The lyrics, about a family's delight over a newborn baby, were sweet, but the simple melody was unfortunately repetitive. He moved to the pump organ for a spiritual "After the Goldrush" and to another piano for a moving rendition of "I Believe In You."


Young has played "Cortez the Killer" countless times both acoustic and electric, but he's never done it like he did last night. Back on the Les Paul, he created an epic wall of distortion and feedback with his whammy bar while playing the actual chords to the song (a rare sight). The main set ended with a much more traditionally arranged "Cinnamon Girl." Both of those songs sound exquisite acoustically, and though it's initially bizarre to watch Young standing alone onstage, rocking furiously like he's with the rest of Crazy Horse, the effect somehow gels. Maybe next time Young comes around, he'll finally let Crazy Horse out of the barn. But until then, he and Lanois have some very strong material to sculpt into what could be Young's best album in years.



I can't wait for this new album.

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Neil Young Preps New Album, Box Set


Neil Young is in the final stages of mixing his new album, which he recorded with U2 producer Daniel Lanois in a Los Angeles house earlier this year. Following a longtime tradition, Young only recorded around the peak of the full moon. "We cut a couple of solo acoustic songs, but the rest is very electric," says Lanois. "There's no band, but I got in there with my sonics. There's nothing else out there like it."


Lanois was surprised when Young called him about working together earlier this year. "He just called me out of the blue," he says. "He said to me, 'I want to make an acoustic record. Will you film me and record me?' Apparently he saw some films I put on YouTube of my new band Black Dub and he really liked them." (Read more about Black Dub and Lanois' recent motorcycle crash.) Young often records at his home studio in Northern California, but they decided to cut these sessions at a Los Angeles home Lanois describes as a "beautiful Mediterranean villa." "We picked it largely because of the cinematic opportunities," he says. "I have transportable recording equipment and we put something together just for Neil. I put out my best amps, my best pianos and best guitars. He was very impressed by all of it. We cut the whole thing over just nine days during three separate full-moon cycles earlier this year."


Young is previewing eight of the tracks on his ongoing Twisted Road solo tour — though not always in the same arrangement as they'll appear on the album. "You Never Call," a sweet ode to his late longtime creative partner Larry "L.A." Johnson, has been played on acoustic guitar on the road, but Lanois says they'll probably use a version they cut on the organ for the album.


The disc was supposed to be called Twisted Road, but "I'm trying to talk him out of that," laughs Lanois. "We're hoping to have it out in the late fall." Lanois will debut footage of four complete songs October 2nd at the Nuit Blanche Festival in Toronto at the stroke of midnight. "They are giving me an entire square in front of city hall to an instillation," he says. "I am doing a 24-channel sound instillation with pictures. I'll show the actual takes we used on the album, so the vocal performances by Neil will be seen on the screens."


In other Neil Young news, the singer announced that the second volume of his Archives box set is imminent. It will contain at least three unreleased albums (1975's Homegrown, 1977's Chrome Dreams and 1978's Oceanside-Countryside) as well as live recordings from Young's 1976 tour with Crazy Horse. These albums will originally be released in vinyl before they appear on the box set. There's no word on when exactly when these will come out — or what other material will appear in the collection. Fans are hoping to hear 1973's long out-of-print Time Fades Away, as well as producer David Briggs' original cut of Tonight's the Night and a live concert from the 1973 tour backed by the Santa Monica Flyers.

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Neil Young to Tour Gulf Coast In September


Neil Young will perform several shows in the Gulf Coast in September to aid residents affected by the oil spill. According to the guitarist’s camp, “Young has teamed up with John Tyson, chairman of Tyson Foods, Inc., which will donate 100,000 pounds of chicken products to be distributed to the Bay Area Food Bank. Tyson will deliver four truckloads of chicken, the equivalent of almost 400,000 meals, to the Bay Area Food Bank, which serves Central Gulf Coast communities in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.” Concert-goers are also encouraged to bring non-perishable food items, which will be given to the food bank. All proceeds from the sale of special limited-edition Neil Young t-shirts will also aid those affected by the oil spill.


Neil Young’s Gulf Coast tour dates are as follows:


September 20 Marina Civic Center Panama City, FL


September 25 IP Showroom Biloxi, MS


September 26 Saenger Theatre Mobile, AL


September 28 Saenger Theatre Pensacola, FL


Additional dates not part of the Gulf Coast Tour


September 22 Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater, FL


September 23 Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FL

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Neil posted this on Facebook today.


“Le Noise” is complete. It is a solo record. Playbacks are happening now. Release date is September 28th. It will be available in Vinyl, CD and I-Tunes in the first edition, followed by Blu-Ray, and an APP for I-Phone and I-Pad a month or so later. The app will be free. It gives you an interactive album cover. Forgive my use of the word “album”. I am old school. Peace ny
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Read this interesting blurb in a Rolling Stone article yesterday announcing Le Noise.


Neil Young also took to the web recently to address negative fan comments on the popular Neil Young fansite Thrasher's Wheat. (The site’s commenters have complained about Young’s ticket prices, charity work with Tyson Foods, and that he hasn’t played with Crazy Horse for years.) "This is the most respected site on the net for this type of activity," Young wrote about Thrasher's Wheat on his own web site. "Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in what I am doing,” he continued, addressing the site’s operators. “There is always negativity with any internet endeavour. Now it has perhaps worn you down. It is alright to say goodbye ... Whether you choose to continue or just hang it up and get on with your life is up to you.”
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I did not know about that. As someone who use to post too much negative shit, it does get old, when you stand back and look at it from a distance. I see that on about every fansite I look at, but I suppose it sticks out more on the site you spend the most time viewing.


That's a shame, as it is a great site. I use to to follow HyperRust (the website), but I don't think it has been updated in several years.


The thing is, Neil, like Dylan can and does whatever the hell he wants.

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Amazon has the artwork up for the new record. No tracklist as of yet.


p.s: what is going on over on the Thrasher website?


the artwork is cool. goes with the theme of the current tour.


as far as TW goes, not sure. last time i checked TW hadn't acknowledged neil writing about him. it's a great site for info, but the comments, like any blog, get out of hand. i too have gotten reactionary on the internets and have been trying to stop that over the last year.


looking forward to the track list.

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