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A thread where you recommend NEW music to PopTodd

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That last one's kind of dangerous in the car. 10 and 2, mister! :nono


Maybe he has a tiltable steering wheel. :dancing


Just ordered Ty Segall's previous album. I should clarify something about his record which I recommended yesterday. I said there were guitar solos, but there aren't any on the album. He plays guitar solos live, but on the cd there are piano solos instead.

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Okay, so I just bought that Ty Segall album. Will give it a first listen today.

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I'll let you in on a little secret: the alt-country/rockabilly revival in New England.


Here's some local bands (at least local to me):


The Molenes: http://www.themolenes.com/mp3s/04%20Hot%20Damn%20copy.mp3


Girls Guns & Glory:


The Autumn Hollow: The Autumn Hollow


The Bean Pickers Union: The Bean Pickers Union


Mike MacDonald & The Widow Makers: Live Video


Dave Sammarco Band: MP3 links


They Will Hate Us:


The Vinyl Squares: Myspace page (big Everly Brothers influence)


Patrick Dunn:


Brendan Murphy: Myspace Page


Eric Lichter: (not from New England but based out of New Jersey. His recording studio & indie label is called Dirt Floor Records where some of these bands go and record) iTunes Link


Bryan Pero & The Tired Horses: Myspace page (one of my best friends and I have documented a lot of his live shows. Not as 'twangy as some of the above bands)


Edit: Oops! Our own MeDave has his own band called The Rationales that I should add to the list: Official Site


Maybe I should have just sent this very comprehensive link for the perennial New England Americana Festival: NEAF Lots of direct links in there to band sites etc...

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The music might scare you as well.. I listened to it in my car yesterday, and my facial expressions went about like this:



I checked it out on itunes. not quite sure I'll pull the trigger just yet.

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Okay, so I made my last purchase with my card:


I am a sucker for great garage rock, and I was planning on picking this one up on CD or some other physical media, but... fuckit. The samples sounded so great on this one, and I love their What Is?! album.

Plus, the Ty Segall sorta primed me for more stuff like this.

Looking forward to this one.

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