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  1. Neko barefoot and on a '68 Cougar - a great concept.
  2. If you have the opportunity, go see them. Great energy - sort of a wall of sound, controlled fury dreamscape. Well, like the albums. When I saw them last year, Cox was in drag and distant. This year he was wearing jeans and a flannel. What? Yup. Much more engaging with the audience. It helped that a majority of the room was dancing right from the start. One of the better shows I've seen this year. Very into all their previous work. Really love Microcastle/Weird Era, Cont..
  3. Yeah. Thanks for the thread. Checked them out and I'm in! Fresh. Like it a lot. Definitely see them live if (when) they come around.
  4. Using Tweedy to expose your sensitive, vulnerable side. Nicely done, Cyrano!
  5. Great deal! Interested in hearing what you think after breaking them in.
  6. gENIUS. Can't wait to hear these. Nice find Lou.
  7. Yes! The Flaming Lips and Wilco Saturday. Wilco and Neil Young Sunday. And many miles of winter Great Lakes driving. So worth it!
  8. Seriously?! Nick is in your face, dark, compelling, and utterly relevant. [Dig yourself] [Laz'rus dig yourself] [Laz'rus dig yourself] [Laz'rus dig yourself] [back in that hole.] Larry made his nest high up in the autumn branches Built from nothing but high hopes and thin air He collected up some baby blasted mothers who took their chances And for a while they lived quite happily up there He came from New York city man, but he couldn't take the pace He thought it was like dog eat dog world Then he went to San Francisco, spent a year in outer space With a sweet little San Fransiscan girl
  9. I have been using these Bang & Olufsen earbuds for the past few years. This is a great price, as I paid well over $100 for them.
  10. That was fun! Thanks Chris. First it was WKNR (Keener 13), then CKLW, then onto FM with WABX and the rest. We were lucky. Detroit radio in the 70s was special. What the hell happened!?! No. Don't say it! The 80s. Culture Club and Robert Palmer all over the dial. Ugh.
  11. Steve Lacy was a great sopranoist. His solo work and duets with Waldron are remarkable. Worth checking out.
  12. Dude! What kind of car? I been lookin' for that cassette for years!! Seriously. I listened to a lot of GLB way back when. Something new would be great.
  13. Towner's more recent albums are mainly solo guitar works, ending with Time Line, released in 2006. You may have heard a piece off Diary, where he accompanied himself with piano overdubs. It was one of his first solo albums.
  14. Just picked up a mint copy of Abercrombie's Timeless (w/ Hammer and DeJohnette) last week. One of my favorite albums ever, not only because of the performances, but it was one of the first jazz albums I bought when I started listening to jazz back in the early 70s. A little more fusion(y) than most of the ECMs, but just as captivating.
  15. Also a big fan of Oregon and, more precisely, Ralph Towner. Listen to Solstice often - maybe the most beautiful of the ECMs.
  16. Not obvious choices, but heavy in my recent rotation:
  17. You mean an overrated whiner? Matt Anderson with bad glasses?
  18. I moved this weekend. Bluck! My friend helped empty the garage of the once thought necessary. We hauled most to the street while shouting Rebel Rebel lyrics, posing all Bowie glammy. The pickers looked puzzled by the show but took a lot of the discards anyway. One box contained some periodicals from the 80s, one showed Seka all glossy and peroxide. Always liked how hers hung just so. Didn't know what any of that meant until stumbling on this thread today. Didn't know what this thread meant last year until emptying the garage yesterday. Glammychrissy is hot.
  19. Hey, Happy Birthday Kim. See you soon.
  20. 5 years? I still feel it like it was yesterday. His music is still gut-wrenching for me. Sometimes I just can't bear it and have to move on. But I always come back.
  21. Wendy! Happy birthday. Talk soon.
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