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  1. Hey Brad! Yeah, Bud can go. 17M!?! WTF?
  2. David Price still qualifies, doesn't he? If so, him or Wieters in the AL. Hopefully Maybin in the NL. If his skills round in to form this year, he'll be a force.
  3. Oh, I see! I misunderstood the nature of this "discussion." I was merely offering an answer to your question of how one form of cheating is different than PED. I wasn't aware that this was an "argument" to be won and lost; that this was somehow an extension of how "intelligent" we "seem." I'm not too concerned with how intelligent I seem. I'm comfortable with my limitations. What I meant to imply (which I apparently failed at accomplishing) was that the scuffing of a ball, along with other gametime cheats, is performed during the game, in isolated situations. It is a situational cheat, as
  4. Really bob? Yeah, at the risk of being labeled "stupid" and "dumb" by an arrogant, intolerant near-adolescent who is so taken with his own opinion that where anyone dares offer a counter opinion, he takes it personally and attacks and judges as if his notions were original and sacred and beyond reproach, "FUCK YOU AROD:" for, after being asked point-blank if you used steroids and the like, lying and saying no; for, after being asked if you were ever tempted, lying and saying no; for lying and telling us that you were above that type of behavior, believing that your conduct was for
  5. One form is done within the context of a single game, out in the open, policed by umpires installed to give order to the drama as it unfolds in a moment in time, in the history of the game, never to be repeated again. It's almost fucking charming. It adds lore to the game. The other has nothing to do with the drama of a game. It's done behind closed doors. In secret. With needles and conspiracy and shame. Men lie about it. Politicians involve themselves in it. MONEY. The drama of a game on a dusty afternoon is an afterthought. It's not done to win a game, as in the scuffing of balls,
  6. Thanks Matt (and everyone else). Regretting missing this night. Your stories are wonderful. Great shot with the Fort Wayne tshirt, Wendy. Looks like he's caving!
  7. Yes! Not that I'm a vinyl snob or anything, but I really didn't appreciate this album fully until listening to the vinyl version. The production sounds way thicker than any of the other releases. A cup of coffee, sunrise and SBS make for a great start to a day. I still wouldn't rank it ahead of YHF, ST, or BT. (Agreeing that rankings are subject to personal circumstances during first several listens)
  8. Nano chose these for me this afternoon: For Beginners - M. Ward The Shining - Badly Drawn Boy Pretty Bird - Jenny Lewis San Francisco B.C. - Silver Jews Elegant Transaction - Loose Fur SexSlaveShip - Flying Lotus Mtume - Miles Davis Nocturne 4 - Boxhead Ensemble Frosted Ambassador - Olivia Tremor Control Effigy - Andrew Bird Babies In The Sun - Sparklehorse Tijuana Gift Shop - Charles Mingus Tin Cans & Twine - Tortoise You Little Shits - Stereolab To Here Knows When - My Bloody Valentine
  9. Other than the mix problem on the first song, Rose Society, the show was just beautiful. The two of them should never consider performing without the other. They match so well. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Another memorable performance at the Ark. The place is a jewel.
  10. Leaving work. Heading home for a bite to eat, then to Ann Arbor for the show. REALLY looking forward to this!
  11. Thanks for sharing, Alex. Great story.
  12. Yes. One I know of for sure. He taped the Kzoo and AA shows (I assume he also taped in Champaign). Check the sites this week.
  13. He/they/I loved it. The State is a great little place for shows. Acuff-Rose right in front of us. Amazing! Have fun tonight Tamela!!
  14. Great meeting you as well Kalle. I'm sure we'll see each other at more shows. Very strange seeing Tweedy in a non-Wilco crowd. Two extremes this weekend - obnoxious in Kzoo, apathetic in AA. Strange. Both very good performances. Big of him to take time out and support the Ark, one of the greatest rooms in which to listen to music. I Wanna Be Your Dog!!!
  15. Enough! He hit .220 last year, 37/13/43. Yet ESPN reports Tek's negotiations with the Bosox as if he were Bench or Piazza in their prime. The mighty have fallen. (And he wasn't that mighty to begin with). Move the f@#k on!
  16. Real good show! Did seem short though. Took my son and a couple of his friends and unexpectedly sat next to and around friends I hadn't seen since the Riv run last winter. Lots of fun. Jeff sang with a noticeable passion, especially on Shot In The Arm. The new songs were good to hear. Solitaire sounded very Loose Fur-like. (New Loose Fur album perhaps? Please!) The shouting requests over Jeff's banter got incredibly obnoxious. At one point Jeff commented, "you don't get out much, do you?" The sans PA Acuff-Rose was sweet. (Fortunately, directly in front of us). Fake Plastic Trees was a
  17. I kid! 5" this morning. Everything open.
  18. Yeah, I didn't really meet an out-stater until college where I roomed with a guy from Cassopolis. He was always barefoot, in overalls with no shirt. Seriously. A brilliant Lil Abner!
  19. Oh, reeeeaaalllyyyyy!? Well, growing up over here, we figured "out-staters" were pretty much all narrow-minded, religous, republican, boring, provincial pussies. (You certainly being the exception Tom) So there!
  20. Hoping your day becomes an adagio, filled with swooning strings and heartfelt horns.
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