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    Huh. I really like this venue. Comfortable and small.
  2. Yeah, so . . . I obviously don't need all those TTs. I went through a "phase" where I thought I "needed" more and better. It has been the source of some embarrassment (and humor). I've had the Phillips since 1976 - HS graduation gift from Dad. I use a Linn LP12 with a Clearaudio wood cartridge or a Rega Planar 25 with a Goldring 1042 cartridge. Both great combos, but the LP12 is amazing.
  3. Well, those I don't use are: A nice Dual 710 that was just tuned up by Harve's in Ann Arbor; A Phillips 212 that is working perfectly; A Thorens TD 160 MK II that I have never plugged in; A Thorens TD 125 that I have a Rega RB 250 tonearm to mount; and, A Thorens TD 145, also never plugged in.
  4. I was 17 when The Koln Concert came out and, during one weekend, listened to it over and over and over and read Papillon. To this day, I can't think of one without the other.
  5. I've got some vintage TTs I have been planning on moving. PM me if you like.
  6. Well done Uncle Bunk. From Willesden to Cricklewood As I went it all looked good Thought about my babies grown Thought about going home Thought about what's done is done We're alive and that's the one From Willesden to Cricklewood From Willesden to Cricklewood Beautiful. Thanks Joe.
  7. Earl!! That's not true. I almost always agree with your positions (except The Hold Steady - overrated), especially when it comes to baseball. You are thoughtful and passionate and well spoken (written). And, in this instance, well researched. I can't and won't argue with any of it. I'd still rather field my lineup than yours. And I do agree with Matt that much of my opinion comes from the romance I had with baseball when I was a kid. Don't get me wrong though, I admire the players on your list and am grateful we have the opportunity to watch them chase baseball's ghosts (because the
  8. Fair enough. But do those advantages make them better baseball players? Or better trained athletes? I really don't think they'd dominate. Baseball is more about skill than athleticism. Michael Jordan?
  9. Sure. There were lesser players then. But the handful of greats today were armfuls yesterday. I don't think that today's all-stars, with obvious exceptions (Pujols), would put up the numbers they currently produce against pre-expansion pitching and fielding. Not to mention ballparks and mound. It's a tired conversation; but it does tend to diffuse the frustration that comes with all the Money In Baseball talk that takes place this time of year.
  10. When the "more at stake" is money as opposed to pride, competition and teamwork, the game is significantly cheapened. So your argument is that when a player is not in a contract year, it's acceptable for him to not play "harder" because there is less at stake? Maybe it's a generational (ouch!) thing; but the 50s, 60s, 70s stars WAY outshine those playing today. I don't think today's all-stars could come close to this: Koufax Gibson Bench McCovey Rose Banks Schmidt Aaron Mays Clemente And that's only one league.
  11. How do you say "no" to what, 23M for 8 years? He's good, but c'mon! I love baseball. I have since 1967 when, at 9 years old, I was heartbroken on the last day of the season, in the last at bat, as Dick McAuliffe ground into a double play to end the Tigers' hope of forcing a 1-game playoff with the Red Sox for the pennant. I was hooked. It is the most dramatic and sublime of all sports. It's poetry. It's blood. But the money in which the owners, players and agents now deal is fucking grotesque. I know that it is an inevitable, economic reality; but it directly cheapens the game an
  12. 1. Stephen Malkmus & Jicks - Real Emotional Trash 2. Deerhunter - Microcastle/Weird Era Cont. 3. Sun Kil Moon - April 4. Calexico - Carried To Dust 5. Portishead - Third 6. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazerus Dig!!! 7. Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue 8. The Sea And Cake - Car Alarm 9. No Age - Nouns 10. Bonnie "Prince" Billie - Lie Down In The Light 11. Deerhoof - Offend Maggie 12. TV On The Radio - Dear Science 13. Silver Jews - Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea 14. Horse Feathers - House With No Home 15. She & Him - Volume One 16. Okkervil River - The Stand Ins 17. Plants And
  13. My daughter and I were just discussing April yesterday. Ghosts or April? She sided with Ghosts. I lean toward April. I think the songwriting has more depth on April. The music is not as immediate as Ghosts, but it grows. Tiny Cities - merely nice.
  14. Dig the pianos. Really looking forward to this. Thanks.
  15. Nice pics Laurie. Wish I'd known you were there too. Would have been good seeing you and Rick. Next time!
  16. Also saw Milk last night. I was very moved. Truly a great movie. Have to disagree with your response. I didn't at all feel beat over the head with the physical intimacy. Thought it was all natural, and necessary to the portrayal of the spirit and humanity of the movement.
  17. HA! Thank you. Tigers are shoring up the D. Now onto the bullpen?
  18. Happy birthday Scott! Listening to 5/8/77 in your honor.
  19. Great crowd. Beautiful venue. Loved the acoustic opening on Poor Places. Thought Jeff's guitar work on Spiders was spectacularly gnarled. Anyone else think they weren't as loud as in past shows? Or is my hearing prematurely failing? I had a great time. Hoping tonight will be as satisfying.
  20. I don't know that Wilson is who we need. His defense is average at best. I'd rather have a bonafide gold glover and give up some offense. Wilson just doesn't really stand out in any phase of the game. I heard there is some interest in Adam Everett.
  21. I'm sure he (his family) couldn't say no to the money - er - education.
  22. I guess the Giants learned nothing from the Zito debacle. 9M per to Renteria? Amazing.
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