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  1. Terrible news. Listened to Lookout last night and thought about the Jews shows I've been to and looked very forward to the next one, not knowing it would end today. Damn.
  2. I have a nice pair of Sennheiser HD 580s. I like them, but prefer to listen through speakers. I mainly use a pair of Vandersteen 2CeIIs that reveal a big and precise sound that I not only hear, but feel.
  3. Well stated ddboy. Agree except for III. Maybe Sophia should have directed! The soundtrack might have been sweet.
  4. Every night she comes To take me out to dreamland When I'm with her I'm the richest man in the town She's a rose She's a pearl She's the spin on my world All the stars make wishes on her eyes.
  5. I was a regular hitchhiker when I was young and stupidballsy. In 1978 I hitched from Denver to Kalamazoo to visit friends and go to a Dylan concert. It was uneventful and pleasant until, just outside Chicago, a clean, newer model sedan stopped. I had been standing for quite a while with no action, so was very pleased and ran up to the car. As I reached the passenger side and looked in to tell the driver and his companion where I was headed, I had serious second thoughts. The two occupants were dirty, unshaven and looked mean as hell. It didn't look right. They didn't belong in that car an
  6. Yeah, that was his career year. I think it was a smart move to deal him now, presuming one of the prospects has major league impact down the road.
  7. It's true though. The media and every abercrombie wannabe, skinny jean, monogrammed tshirt wearing hipster kid.
  8. Leo


    Really like their first 2 albums. Have not given the covers album a listen. Not sure I'd like the straight ahead approach.
  9. George Kottaras? Doesn't inspire many memories of Fisk, does it? Even if they bring Varitek back, it'll probably only be as a backup backstop. Not much out there though.
  10. Good. This should mean they back off from Lowe and Detroit gets smart and sells Lowe on the value of coming home.
  11. Happy Birthday, guys. Two of my kids have b-days 2 years and a day apart. We celebrate theirs together too. Hope you don't mind as much as they do.
  12. So ready for '09. What's the latest on Abreu?
  13. The Rays have great pitching though. Pitching could keep them in the hunt. I'm betting (hoping) CC's arm falters at some point with all the IPs over the past 2 seasons and Burnett's injury tendencies keep him from earning his $.
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