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  1. Great show! Liam Finn and Eliza Jane were fun. Dude is nuts. His energy was a nice set up to the rest of the evening. 8:45, Wilco comes on to the Price Is Right theme. 1. Wilco (the song) 2. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 3. Bull Black Nova 4. You Are My Face 5. One Wing (nice, punchy performance) 6. Radio Cure (sweet surprise) 7. At Least That's What You Said 8. Company In My Back 9. Ashes Of American Flags (Nels' solo was scorching, perfect!) 10. War On War 11. Either Way 12. Impossible Germany 13. I'll Fight - Jeff asks how many were at the 4 hour Royal Oak show. Claims not g
  2. Sounds like Rutili was in as loose a mood Sunday as he was Saturday. To close Saturday's show, he mockingly took the time to show Becker how simple the chord progression was for the final tune, then lauched in to a rocking cover of the Kink's Where Have All The Good Times Gone.
  3. Great review Lou. Really, any Califone show is not to be missed, but this was one "for the ages. " As mysterious and beautiful as their music, the film really adds to Calfone's already remarkable catalogue. Having already listened to the album for the past several weeks, it was compelling associating the music with Rutili's vision. "Oh, funeral singers, friends . . . I get it." If this comes within 4 1/2 hours of you, go! (I know, a little self-laudatory).
  4. Glenn is listed on the sleeve under the reference, "without whom." Maybe he offered some percussive encouragement. Beautiful album. Hasn't left my turntable since I bought it Thursday.
  5. One by one I hear the soft words that you whispered One by one I feel your kisses soft and sweet One by one I hope you'll say the words to marry One by one to one by one forever be
  6. I am speechless. Literally. My voice is gone. I left it at the ROMT. I've never had that much fun at any other Wilco show. In A Future Age and the rest of the Summerteeth songs were such a suprise and treat. Fortunately, we were up front so the crowd chatter was not an issue during the quieter moments. Great to see everyone again - a nice Residency week reunion of sorts.
  7. Careful. The newly initiated tend to get lost for months in Califone's sound. It's all you'll want. Nothing else will do. Can't wait for the album and tour!
  8. Good plan. I'll be there.
  9. Really happy. Can't stop smiling. I was very apprehensive about this. This sounds like what they may have been attempting with SBS but couldn't quite get. They sound very confident and relaxed. Like they have jelled as a band in the studio - something I didn't hear in SBS.
  10. Happy birthday Tamela. Hi to Rob.
  11. My first thought, too. The camel looks so damned pleased and proud to be gracing the cover of a Wilco album. Of course, who wouldn't?
  12. Happy birthday Lou. Hoping to see you soon.
  13. Really good show. After reading the Bloomington reviews, I was worried. But Jeff sang with great passion and Nels was on, especially the Germany solo. Jesus. Poor Places. Hey Jess. Great meeting you and Tim. Always a highlight spending time with F'nrain. Dude.
  14. Waits 7" Whiskeytown 7" Sonik-Youth / Beck 7" Maglonia Electric Co. 7" Stooges 7" Sonic Youth - Murray Street used LP Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall LP (wow!) Oh yeah, free Anti tshirt commemorating the day.
  15. Thanks everyone! Haven't been around the board much. I had total knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago, and been busy with rehabbing and dealing with the pain. Yeah, OUCH! Recovery is going well. Actually walked 1 mile today. Felt a little sick afterward, but have to keep pushing it. Thanks again.
  16. It can be a beautiful journey with many rewards. Stay humble, Doctor.
  17. Joel Zumaya adds back 40 lbs this offseason. "Mom's tamales." Go Get 'em Tigers!
  18. Lemon or apple filling for me, thanks.
  19. Sorry to hear that, Dondo. Nothing pleasant about this peninsula's economy. Hope your fortunes quickly turn.
  20. With all that money, you'd think he'd buy some shampoo too.
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