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  1. i didnt mean for that to sound snotty. sorry.
  2. if piezo is in the name, it means the physics are the same. piezo crystals... but whatever, no argument needed.
  3. they are the same thing. semantics.
  4. an under bridge piezo is probably used. absorbs all vibration, no matter how its made.
  5. i read that his sg's were custom made birthday presents from sue. that was in guitar player around agib.
  6. i have this one made by pick up the world. a great little unit with only one knob and its about the size of a 9 volt. not only is it convenient, it sounds great too. i think thom bresch uses those alot....
  7. when i saw that i felt very happy.
  8. http://www.andrasklang.com our label.
  9. im actually trying to build one of these right now into a synth.
  10. i believe full hollow body. that would be one heavy piece of wood in the middle, seeing that it would be 3.5"x3.5"x17"
  11. 1. 2004 Gretsch Projet 2. 1974 Rickenbacker 4001 3. 1974 Sekova S1000 4. 1969 Epiphone FT570 5. 1996 Fender Mustang Bass (Fretless) 6. 1967 Gibson LG0 7. 2006 Fender Telecaster Thinline 8. 1995 Fender Stratocaster (With Lace Pickups) 9. 1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe ((Original Shoreline Gold) Super Rare) 10. 2005 Gibson Blueshawk 11. 2004 Gibson SG Special (With Vibrola) 12. 1968 Hofner Verithin 4575 13. 1992 Fender Telecaster (With 70's Appointments)
  12. is there any way we could get a dvd quality version of these? that would be the cats meow! thanks!
  13. fred lonberg holm played on their yhf. no one raised their arms to that. both are awesome and both should record with wilco.
  14. 2 ushers talking about 4 songs into the set. usher 1: "hey, what do you think so far?" usher 2: "ehh, they are pretty boring." usher 1: "ehh, yeah." usher funz. im glad someone taped it. maybe they were only controlling in the back area, where all of the frat boys had ideas of 7.00 beer.
  15. the security was stupid last night, i doubt anyone taped. a woman checked to see if i had anything a clear glasses case. dumbz. if someone walked in with a nagra or a cd recorder, im sure they would of shot the poor guy on the spot.
  16. "Where would you suggest I start?" the internet. ben folds five is better than ben folds. much better. now, at times he just sounds like a tuneful weird al. yuck. the early stuff is where it is at. you kind of sound like the kinks too. that comparison might be better. however, the music sounds a bit midi at times, not natural.
  17. this was my 3rd show. overall, it was my least favorite, due to it being in the rock city. they knew they had to rock. i was a stander, but due to being short, i was probably though of as a sitter. oh well. i miss the poor places/ reservations/ spiders... i guess they knew they couldnt be quiet as avant garde as lansing or london. oh well. however, i was rocking out to the second encore like the rest. amazing show. i loved a. bird. who wouldnt want to whistle like that? amazing chops. the ushers were such fucking rent a cops too. i wanted to approach the stage to try to give one of them a cd a
  18. this was my first wilco show! it was so great. and im seeing them tonight in detroit too! thanks.
  19. neato have you seen the vst software called "m tron"its great. it has every sound ever made in it and its only 100 bucks.
  20. where are hofners cheap? ill go live there (they are the best, i think) i have a hofner hollowbody from the 60's. amazing. its better than a 335 in my opinion. i have an old gretsch too, its fun, kind of boring sound though. and i have an old epi acoustic. jumbo. its great.
  21. p.s. columbia should of pulled an "radiohead/in rainbows" and given all of this stuff away fro any price. so if people wanted a compendium of shit they already had they could put their price on it.
  22. dannygutters we refer to these wankers of pitchfork as "muso's" they are the record stoke clerks that didnt get laid until their first sigur ros show by the woman that looked like ronnie corbet. dont worry about them, most of the time they are blowing smoke up our arses, this time they did a good job. the bjork box set from this year was another pitchfork goodie.
  23. i love how snake oil has now proliferated this thread! the quarter thing started as a really cheap shortcut, but overall will probably bite your record collections ass. (hopefully not) my dad said he used to do it to all of his and his are really worn. more worn than 30 year old vinyl should i think.
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