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  1. I think that dude on the boat (Keamy) had a Dharma tattoo. Did anyone else catch that? Maybe there's a screen shot or something.
  2. You can now make a video for the song at www.supernaturalsuperserious.com
  3. Wilco: 7/26/02 Cincinnati 4/22/03 Lexington, KY 6/21/03 Pittsburgh 2/11/05 Cincinnati 6/26/05 Columbia, MD Club, campus theater, festival, historic theater, outdoor amphitheater.
  4. I like the vocal take. In my opinion, Stipe's the best when it sounds like he just walked in and sang. Too much fussiness recently for me. I also think it fits the song. A take like this wouldn't work on a song like "Everybody Hurts" or "Nightswimming". I'm afraid the production/mix/master for the album will be iPod ready (i.e. load). Some guy blogged about the album and said all the songs have this production. It still streams for me.
  5. http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/page/forkcas...rserious-stream
  6. A 30 second sample of one of the new songs is available here: www.murmurs.com The cover and tracklisting can also be found there.
  7. When there's talk of R.E.M. around here, not much is good with respect to their recent output (i.e. post-Berry). Although I wasn't into it at first, UP is really growing on me. Reveal for me is hit and miss. Around the Sun is miss. Since ATS came out, I've thought "Maybe if I take the best from this record and combine it with the best from Reveal, I'll have something I want to listen to from start to finish" Today I decided to finally do it. My goal was to make a proper LP with at least 10 songs. Here it is, complete with a cheesy title: Reveal the Sun 1. The Lifting 2. Electro
  8. I think my favorite is Fables. There was an interview where Peter Buck said a lot of his friends thought it was their best early record and he said something like "It does maintain a mood"; but went on about how miserable the experience of making it was (as Analogman pointed out). It might have been the Rollingstone.com video where they comment on each record up to and including Reveal. Speaking of Reveal, it's a bit hit and miss for me, but I really like the "The Lifting" and "Chorus and the Ring".
  9. Anyone else surprised by the live album? A visit back to the Around the Sun Tour is not what I was expecting after the Dublin rehearsals. Maybe the live versions of the ATS songs will help me get into them, although "Leaving New York" sounds as boring on the DVD trailer as it does on the record.
  10. I'm particularly encouraged by Micheal Stipe's contributions to the new songs. As much as I love him as a singer, he's been one of the main problems I've had with the last few albums. Now if they can wrap things up in a timely manner and not overfuss, I think we'll be in good shape.
  11. Go here to check them out: http://remdublin.com/blog/ethank/2007/07/0...-posted-murmurs If you haven't heard about this, R.E.M. is playing 5 nights at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin as working rehearsal. The new songs sound pretty good to me.
  12. I remember. It was something like... "Hey, I'm glad you guys have enjoyed our recent shows. By the way, have you heard about the 0% financing that Volkwagen's offering on the all new and more powerful Jetta?"
  13. Song #1 by Fugazi Oh wait, Song #1 is not a fuck you song!
  14. When I heard about the Cincinnati date, I knew it would be one of the nights I'll be out of town. Oh well, I guess I'm going to be out of town quite a bit in June, so I shouldn't be surprised. I was home with a new baby for Tall Stacks, so I missed that as well, but I did see them at the Taft in 2/05. I'll just catch them the next time they're in the area. I'd be surprised if they didn't hit Columbus or Louisville before long.
  15. 7-26-2002 Bogart's Cincinnati "Quiet" Wilco Preston School of Industry opened I only really knew the YHF songs, but recognized a few others. Very cool Sunken Treasure-> Not for the Season Unfortunately I haven't come across a recording of the show, but the sound is not usually that great at Bogart's.
  16. Hate it Here: http://www.npr.org/programs/asc/
  17. Jerry Garcia/David Grisman "Not for Kids Only" This is a good one that my almost 4 mo. old daughter seems to like. It will even be better when she can sing along. My wife says she liked Neu! in the womb, so we'll have to bust that out again.
  18. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/img/music/bridge20068.jpg Is that Desmond at the Bridge School Benefit?
  19. Was the fratboy wearing greek letters or a toga or is that just what we call guys who drink and yell things at shows? Sounds like a good setlist. Screen Door would be cool to hear to say you have, but I've never really thought much of it. Not bad for a young songwriter, but I would rather hear Wait Up or maybe Fatal Wound.
  20. Country Feedback- R.E.M. Try Not To Breathe-R.E.M. She's A Jar-Wilco Not Dark Yet-Bob Dylan
  21. When I first heard the synth strings I thought "Jay's back?"
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