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  1. A co-worker suggested these names for the festival: Jeff-Aide tWEedy Fest Packing for the trip. Got my sun screen, bug spray, What Light Single cover singed by-JT, MJ, NC and JS -- just need PS and GK, sharpie, and extra socks.
  2. So excited for this weekend.. Before I head north Fridayt, I have my mid-year review and a job interview on Thursday -- so I really can't wait for Friday to come! Not that either the review or interview will be bad, just stressful. I had a dream last night that I was hanging with Jeff and Glen at SSF and Jeff asked if I wanted to go see Inception after the festival
  3. Listening to this as I complete my Mid-year review for work and took a break from looking back and rating the past six months of my professional life to say this: I fucking love him. "Numero?... Num-ere-oh? Nuremberg?." Classic. And I really like Pronto. Mikael should sing more.
  4. I saw them a few years ago, and it was great. Is Steven page still with them? I heard he left, but alot of his classic stuff on the list. if not, how are they w/o him?
  5. barbkm

    Where's Jeff?

    Great -- now this song is stuc in my head.
  6. Just don't understand how he did not make this list. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/photos/28431/188025
  7. Oh good god it is so flippen hot in NY/NJ -- it's like walking in tar. 75 degrees and partly sunny? God bless.
  8. Amen sista -- this is my 16th Wilco concert, and the most expensive. And -- with only 8,000 attendees -- as opposed to the 15,000 I thought, it's gonna be outstadning -- a truly memorable, once in a life time type thing.
  9. I do enjoy your icon use. I also have Tweedy encounters to share.
  10. My ticket says Friday, but I called and was assured that since I did the Friend of the Festival thing, it gets me in all weekend. Now I'm worried. And I paid a consideble fee.
  11. I'll ask. Cos, you know, we're so close. Sigh, in my active fantasy life.
  12. I'm in. BarbKm -- Barb New Jersey Just me
  13. Whenever I meet someone from Chicago, I say, "Hey, I love Wilco" cos I assume that everyone in Chicago loves Wilco. And every time, they look at me like I got 2 heads cos they've never heard of Wilco.
  14. I'm going, for some reason I thought he was going on Sat. @ 4?
  15. I'm having trouble too, but my computer has been super extra slow lately
  16. Coming from NJ - staying at Belle's Victorian Inn in Adams
  17. Oh Great Fudgie the Whale -- I love it when he screams!
  18. Would there be couch jumping? Hey, both Chicago folks, it's possible. I wonder if JT is sick of all the "melancholy" stuff. All these assumptions that he's a shriveling mess. Does he just wanna say," I gotta great job, great family... I'm ok... really... you don't have to worry. I'm good."
  19. Great interview! Thanks. Yeah, that interviewer was not my fav.
  20. Thanks -- technolgy and I just don't get along!
  21. What program do I need to dowlad these? I get a message that Quciktime does not recognize these files?
  22. Thaks for the tip.....Man, wish I had a time machine and could go back in time!!!
  23. Bummer -- according to Universal Trend-setter (all thing Scott McCoi) Peter Buck will be "benched" for Baseball Project at SSF, and Mike Mills will be pitch hitting. Will my dream of PB and JT on the same stage ever become reality?
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