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  1. I totally agree about Dark Neon! And I like Glad It's Over, it's fun to sing along with
  2. One Wing at a CVS in Clifton, NJ...I lingered over the cosmetics to hear the whole song.
  3. Looking for a place, try Belles Victorian on Maple in Adams -- a B&B with 3 rooms. Stayed there last year and booked the Cottage Room again for "1. Beautifu house, 10 minute drive right down 8 to venue to MassMoca, and the best friggen breaksfast. And Ice Tea and lemn cookies when I arrived. Tell Mary Lou Barb sent ya!
  4. In this case, I bet on Bird -- Andrew or Larry. Both are tall
  5. I taut I taw a putty tat... Anyway, love Andrew Bird and the looping. I can't wait from him to come back to NYC. But not sure I'd like an entire night of new stuff. But,if Andrew did a solo show filled with my favorite songs and then he threw in a pizza, I'd still prefer Jeff. Wilco and/or Jeff trump all.
  6. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart -- then Either Way...then Outta Site ...then Spiders....then Impossible Germany...then Less Than You Think....then, oh the list could go on and on. Oh, On and On and On...then Via Chicago... then Company in My Back... then Country Disappeared (and yes I know I'll take a verbal beating for giving such high marks to a song from W/TA, bring it on. Jeff hit it out of the ball park with this one at the Bowery.)
  7. Couldn't get in! I hesitated and was lost.
  8. Listening to it today in the car -- so I don't know the titles yet, but really liked the 4th song. Seeing them next week in NYC.
  9. I think Mavis should have sung it alone, and Jeff should have sung What Light. I known it's not a fan favorite, but would have been appropriate.
  10. Dang --I was gonna say Andrew Bird. John Doe, Merricone (sp?) Youth,
  11. I KNOW! Someone with some tech skill explain the concept to me -- and why such odd words and the "Ls" look like "Is" and you can't tell if its a "n" or "B'. F-ed up. Stub Hud have Bowery tickets for 2 GRAND -- which is criminal. That's $2,000 a piece. For $2,000 I get to pick the set list and Jeff picks me up and drives me to the show -- and throws in a pizza. $2,000 -- insane.
  12. Loved the "plaid shirt" comment. My love for Stephen is almost as strong as my love for JT
  13. barbkm


    Amen -- I don't think the writers put as much energy into the line as this discussion board. I bet it was something like this "more diversiry at an Arcade Fire show?" No "My Morning Jacket show" No. "How about Wilco" - Wilco, yes,that works.
  14. barbkm


    Have you seen Jeff lately? He's got a little more that a touch of gray. I know you were commenting about the quality of the song, but I wanted to turn it around. I immediatly posted opn Facebook that Wilco was mentioned on 30 Rock -- to which my sister in law replied, "I TOLD your brother that you would post that on Facebook."
  15. How could I have forgottern about these two gems! Gotta Let This Hen Out introduced me to RH ... and the rest is history. Had to love the black-n-white checkered suit. I saw it on this midnight show called Nocturnal Transmission on the channel U68 (anyone remember that video channel -- think it was only availabe in NJ-NT-CT area.)
  16. Magical Mystery Tour is at times the best (I Am the Walrus, Blue Jay Way) and worst (the Beatles as Wizards) Rock n Roll movie. My favorite two movies lines are spoken by George Harrison in a Beatler movie-- "You won't interfer with the basic rugged concept of my personality, will you madam?" - A Hard Day's Night(pretty much every George line is classic) "They won't disembowel us you see, it's all gab this disemboweling" - Help
  17. I muzsthave been near this guy. Is he really tall? I would love to see that!
  18. See...this is imporant stuff. Is it bad that I think that if I ever met Natalie Merchant she'd annoy me? In My Tribe is probably in my all time top 50, but I have a feeling she'd get on my nerves. That she'd give me the evil eye for eating lamb chops.
  19. Happy Birthday Jeff!! Thank you for the words and music that have given me so much joy. You are truly exceptionally gifted and I hope to be rocking out to Wilco when we're both rocking it from our rocking chairs! friggen hysterical -- you got a gift, man!
  20. I think I took the picture with your daughter's camera -- but they both moved and it did not turn out. Sorry
  21. I purchased a Friend of the Festival pass which was so worth the price --spent most of the day under a tent with fans, two free sandwiches and water, soda and juice. Best part -- access to the nicer port a johns. BTW -- met Jeff by port a johns waiting for Jason - snapped a nice picture. The best best part was that I got seating on stage, so did not have to staked out seats earlier in the day. Festivals are not really my thing, so this was the way to go. Lots of hippies and lost of men in skirts. They probably called them "Kilts" but there were no bagpipes and this ain't Scotland -- yeah, I'm
  22. I was going to go, but wokred late and had to pack for SSF. Did not love the BP album, but love the Minus 5
  23. Hey Beth -- I assume that's you... see ya there!
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