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  1. It's All Too Much would be perfect!!!
  2. Such a great show!!!! Loved the funked up Only the Lords Knows and the look when folks began clapping along with Hummingbird. Wish the crowd sang along a bit more, they really dropped the ball on Slow Love. But I'm still basking the the post concert after glow.
  3. Such sad news. But she seems like a strong lady who will come out the other side of this fine. Sending the most positive vibrations and thoughts to Sue and family!
  4. I'd be more inclined to go if they had single day passes. It is about 2 hours away, but not sure I want to spend all that dough for a 90 minute set.
  5. It says "projected date", so I am going with 2015. Which would be sad for my heart, but happy for my wallet.
  6. Chickens are singing in the salty breeze, spiders are filling out tax returns. Laying out eggs of deductions and melodies.
  7. Can't Stand Chicken (actually, I do like chicken) I second this nomination
  8. What is the ticket site?
  9. Jones Beach is Orch G, row LL seat G. Hoboken in GA. Interested? email me at bkmmorr@yahoo.com.
  10. This ...(Garden State Comedy..a place to find out about NJ comedy stuff .. this week's feature written by little ole me!) http://www.gardenstatecomedy.com/
  11. We learned that Jeff likes "The First 48" and I assume "So You Think You Can Dance." And it will be a long time until the rockin version of "Spiders" returns.
  12. I already made my request...so blocked from ABBA
  13. This is a tough choice....
  14. I know I am suppose to appreciate him as an artist, yadda yadda yadda, but I totally agree. On stage, he is a combination of Indiana Jones*, Han Solo*, Mr. Darcy** and Eric from True Blood***, but up close not so much. PS And someone needs to remind him that he's not 15; what up with the hoodies? I love him dearly, but John Stirratt is much more my type. *My love for a young Harrison Ford has never wavered. **As portrayed by Colin Firth. ***I do love the Swedes, especially Swedes with a nice ass.
  15. This would be one of those times when I wish I had talent...and a rich husband. Alas-- I've neither
  16. I was interviewed but they did not use me. Oh.. and the camera man was gorgeous.
  17. I'm hoping for a spoken word album.. dramatic interpretations of the latest pop music dribble. Love to hear Jeff's take on Call Me Maybe. Just kidding. Really hoping for Wilco Does Gregorian Chants.
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