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    2020 Touring

    I'm very surprised that there hasn't been an announcement about these yet. Pearl Jam is already talking about how to get refunds from Ticketmaster. I'm not even looking for my money back at this point, I'm just worried that people are actually still planning to go!
  2. gogo

    2020 Touring

    Wow, so sorry to hear this. I'm still waiting to hear about the shows in San Francisco the Bay Area. The city has closed down all events at city-owned venues for the next two weeks, all performances for the symphony and ballet are cancelled, the St. Patrick's Day parade is cancelled... We haven't been hit as hard as Seattle (yet), but yeah, I'm hoping everyone is taking the most sensible precautions for their own situations.
  3. Hi Luke, if you're still looking for tickets for Saturday, I have two available.
  4. The thing that has surprised me most about this election has been learning, mostly over the past few days, how many of my Warren-supporting friends had Biden as their second choice. Several people I know decided that Warren probably wasn't going any further, and voted for Biden on Super Tuesday. I don't know that if she had dropped out prior to Tuesday that it would have helped Sanders all that much.
  5. gogo

    2020 Touring

    This depends on the decade! As someone who lives in SF and works in Oakland, they're far enough apart to make my commute a major pain. (I was spoiled for years working in SF, while most of my co-workers commuted in from the east bay, so now I'm getting a taste of my own medicine!) And the Fillmore is an easy bus ride from home, while the Oakland shows... are about six blocks from my office, so the commute to those is still a major pain!
  6. gogo

    2020 Touring

    That probably means something different than it would have meant a few years ago. Now I think it's cargo shorts and a hoodie, so... maybe!!
  7. gogo

    2020 Touring

    The Fillmore added on 3/31.
  8. This article from 2016 is a pretty good analysis of how the criminal case was resolved: https://www.thenation.com/article/society/wrestling-in-with-kobe-bryants-forgotten-apology/ I was never particularly a Kobe fan, but Dave Zirin is correct that an apology like this would be absolutely unthinkable today. Kobe deserves credit for at least acknowledging the woman's feelings.
  9. Here I come again, and I'm bringing my friends.
  10. She's great. Lots of historical context, and plain-language breakdowns of multi-faceted issues.
  11. I am LOVING Ana Gasteyer's new xmas album: Sugar & Booze. Also: Marah's A Christmas Kind of Town. Originals, classics, and hilarious between-song patter.
  12. gogo

    2020 Touring

    Another night added in Oakland, March 28...
  13. gogo


    Another great Wilco-themed Jumble today! I can't seem to find a good linkable version for today's puzzle specifically, but check it out at https://www.jumble.com/.
  14. Time-turner, Hermione style!
  15. This show has made a point of casting Chicago locals, so that's very cool that he's in it.
  16. We are migrating VC to a new server. I've been told it will be seamless (fingers crossed!), but in case you keep anything "archived" here and don't want to lose it, please do whatever you need to do to save favorite old threads, etc. I'll keep you posted when the migration is complete.
  17. Yes, I'm yelling. The site is due for renewal. Solace asked YEARS AGO that we get someone else to be the tech brains behind this outfit. No one has stepped up yet. I'm getting ready to renew the site within the next week. It would be great if someone else with tech savvy would make themselves available to take a look at what we currently have, if we need to update anything, etc. Generally, the only other tech help we need is occasionally the server needs to be reset. I could probably do that one myself, but I would much rather have someone who isn't just "following the instructions" b
  18. I'll see your offer, and raise it... **TWO** GA tickets, and a summit parking pass, for $150 (way, way under face value). Please PM me if you're interested.
  19. Count me in as a clamorer(?). Very sorry to have missed this one!
  20. *bump* A parking pass, people! C'mon, you know you want it... (I just really don't want to see these go to waste. Seriously, make me an offer, any offer.)
  21. I hope so! But yeah, I was really hoping to be able to go...
  22. I've got two GA tickets and a parking pass for this event. Total face value was $274, but I'll accept any reasonable offer.
  23. Solace was nice enough to help us out and do whatever magic needed to be done to get VC back up and running today, but we've been leaning on him for years, and it would be nice to have some other folks who could help out with tech issues when they arise (I don't think they're usually anything major, but my skills in this area are zilch). Anyone out there willing to be on-call for this kind of thing? -gogo
  24. If anyone is in San Francisco today, you're all welcome to my nightmare: http://sf.funcheap.com/action-happiness-bay-area-hugfest/
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