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  1. Available today only on Bandcamp: https://goodmusic2020.bandcamp.com/
  2. I may have broken the other thread, sorry! If I can figure out what I did, I'll merge them. Anyway, this is from the "shows" page on wilcoworld.net. All S-K shows postponed. 08.06.2020 Spokane, WA - First Interstate Center for the Arts with Sleater-Kinney This show has been postponed. Stay tuned for more details. 08.08.2020 Big Sky, MT - Peak to Sky Festival This show has been cancelled. Refunds will be processed by point of purchase. 08.11.2020 Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Sleater-Kinney This show has been postponed. Stay tuned for more details. 08.13.2
  3. The modern music industry is built almost entirely on Black art. The wealth that rightfully belonged to Black artists was stolen outright and to this day continues to grow outside their communities. No one artist could come close to paying the debt we owe to the Black originators of our modern music and their children and grandchildren. As an individual I have recognized the unfairness of the life I live in relation to the deprivation of people whose work mine is but a shadow of. I’ve tried to compensate for those inequities in both my public and private life. It hasn’t been enough. I’ve oft
  4. I just checked my ticketmaster account, and it looks like all three of the shows I had (SF, Oakland, and San Jose) have "request refund" options now. I don't think that was there the last time I looked. It's still saying that they don't know yet if the shows will be cancelled or rescheduled. (I know if you didn't buy through ticketmaster this doesn't necessarily help you. )
  5. FYI, we received this notice today: So, it shouldn't be much of an outage, but if we're down for a bit, please just check back in 30 minutes.
  6. gogo

    Wilco Photos

    Right now, I'd say that was taken in social distancing hell. Or maybe that's heaven, when we can all be packed together like that again! These are great, Charles, thank you. I love Nels with the lamp!
  7. This is all of us, on one topic or another, during shutdown.
  8. Interesting. I'm wondering if there's a timeframe for postponements baked into the no-refunds policy? Good to hear, anyway!
  9. Ticketmaster isn't going to refund anyone for "postponed" shows. Based on the way our governor is talking, I'm assuming the California shows will be postponed until sometime in 2022...
  10. Interesting! I'll start planning for Bay Area shows after that...
  11. We had a virtual family talent show during our first week of shelter-in-place, and I played a tune on my tin whistle, an Irish tune called "Tabhair dom do Lámh". Which unfortunately translates to "Give me your Hand".
  12. I think it's just to keep as many people out of the parks as possible. Although they're definitely not strictly enforcing most of these rules. Edit: from https://sf.gov/stay-home-except-essential-needs So it looks like what they're trying to avoid there is people sharing equipment, both of you touching the tennis ball, etc. If you're playing with a child, I can't imagine anyone would mind. Where I'm internally judging people is when multiple adults are out together. I'm OK with whatever looks like a family unit (parents and kids, couple walking a dog, whatever), but it's harder
  13. A friend from college is just getting over it. She's thankful that her husband and three kids are asymptomatic (they haven't been tested). She's a college professor, her doctor told her that he wouldn't be surprised if the college is riddled with it.
  14. In San Francisco (maybe all of California? I've lost track), tennis is NOT permitted.
  15. Sarah, I think I remember when you started there! So sorry to hear this. Take a day to be sad/cheer yourself up, then yes, file for unemployment ASAP. You know they value you if you were there that long, I'm sure they'll take you back as soon as they can.
  16. Yes, very glad to hear this. My nephew got sent home from his college last weekend. As you might imagine, kids being told that they have to clear out by the end of the week, and won't be back this term, aren't very good at practicing social distancing...
  17. https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/shelter-in-place-San-Francisco-Mayor-London-Breed-15135075.php I am officially sheltering-in-place.
  18. California is now recommending no events larger than 250 people, through the end of March. So maybe no LA shows, either.
  19. Agreed! And the info on the venues' websites isn't consistent either. This is pretty clear that all events are cancelled at the San Jose Civic until 4/1: https://www.sanjoseca.gov/news-stories/news/emergency-notifications Kind of crazy that it's not on the venue's website yet (they list some shows as cancelled, but not others). Yeah, I was definitely expecting an e-mail from either Wilco or Ticketmaster by now.
  20. Since I was gumming up the "2020 Tour" thread with my stressing out about this... Seattle is cancelled. Oakland is cancelled. San Jose is *probably* cancelled (this one isn't officially announced yet, but the county has prohibited events with more than 1,000 people for the next three weeks). San Francisco is NOT cancelled YET. The city has prohibited events of more than 1,000 people for the next two weeks, at least. The show at the Fillmore is three weeks out. (note: I'm saying "cancelled" even though some of these are officially listed as "postponed".) I haven't seen anythi
  21. gogo

    2020 Touring

    Not just the Seattle show, I meant the whole west coast, or at least the Seattle and bay area shows. There are currently 99 over 100 cases in the bay area, including 43 45 in Santa Clara County (where San Jose is), and it was reported today that 3 TSA agents at the San Jose airport have tested positive. The county just yesterday ordered no gatherings of more than 1,000 for the next three weeks, so I guess that'll do it for that show. (And of course, this is all happening very quickly. As I'm typing this, I'm seeing a news notification on my phone that the Warriors will be playing without
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