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  1. A friend (who isn't on VC) cannot make it to tonight's show. She has an excellent pair of tickets to sell, 4th row centre. Pls DM me if you're interested and I'll connect the two of you.
  2. I love your podcast so I'll play. Here are some questions for your pop quiz: Which of the following albums won a Grammy? A) A Ghost Is Born b) Mermaid Avenue C) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot D) Sky Blue Sky Which artist has not performed an encore song with Wilco? A) Jason Isbell b) Fleet Foxes C) Iron & Wine D) Andrew Bird Who wrote "Too Blue" with Jeff Tweedy for the 7 Worlds Collide: The Sun Came Out project? A) Ed O'Brien b) KT Tunstall C) Johnny Marr D) Neil Finn
  3. Nugs.net has the CD box set for sale: https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-wilco-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/1161-PACKAGE.html?utm_source=nugsnewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20211124-nugsnewsletter&utm_term=wilco-site-shoppage&utm_content=
  4. Posting for a friend who's not on VC. One GA ticket. Pls PM if interested and I'll put you in touch with the seller. Thx.
  5. Posting this for a friend who's not on VC. One GA ticket for each night. Pls PM me if interested and I'll put the two of you in touch. Thx. Edit: tix for both nights sold
  6. FS: Orch B, Row C. $75 plus fees = $91.90 or best offer. It's a will call presale ticket so we'd have to meet at the venue. Pls PM if interested. Thanks.
  7. John at Wrigley behind the scoreboard for the win!
  8. Someone To Lose at Blaze Pizza in Vancouver
  9. Tires type black Where the blacktop cracks Weeds spark through Dark green enough to be blue
  10. If anyone is still looking for accommodations...I cxl'd my room (Queen bed, max 2 guests) at Maple Terrace in Williamstown. Four-night minimum. The rest of the motel is sold out.
  11. Selling for USD $150. Pls PM me if interested. Thanks. Edit: pass has been sold
  12. I'm not sure about the broadcast date, however, I have this show down as 2007-09-15 and the setlist as follows: 1. Intro 2. You Are My Face 3. Handshake Drugs 4. Side With The Seeds 5. Via Chicago 6. Impossible Germany 7. Sky Blue Sky 8. Too Far Apart 9. Hate It Here 10. Walken 11. I'm The Man Who Loves You 12. On And On And On 13. Interview
  13. Wow, a JKS house concert! Yes, enjoy! And pls report back.
  14. I've seen some incredible, high-energy shows at The Vogue (The War On Drugs and The Drive-By Truckers come to mind) and I'm convinced a GA pit is the best configuration for a show at this venue.
  15. Our group has one extra ticket (GA) for the Fri show in Victoria at the Capital Ballroom; and one extra ticket (Orch Centre Right, Row 3) for the Sat show in Vancouver at The Vogue. Pls PM me if you’re interested. Thx!
  16. One MAIN FLOOR GA ticket for sale. TicketMaster mobile ticket. Pls PM if interested. Thx. Edit: ticket has been sold.
  17. Yes! And the "tall buildings shake" walkdown is so good.
  18. We haven't been to Victoria since maybe 2010 (Wilco at The Royal Theatre) and I'm sure things have changed. However, I think you'll probably want to spend more time here in Vancouver. There are simply more sights and activities here. Victoria is the provincial capitol and much smaller. It's lovely though and worth seeing. You can take the ferry there: Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) to Nanaimo; or Tsawwassen to Schwartz Bay (Victoria). Harbour Air also flies harbour to harbour. Please feel free to post any questions you might have. I'm happy to help!
  19. I can't say enough about Granville Island. It's my favourite place in the city (and a 10-minute walk from where we live!) In addition to the Public Market, shops, bars and restaurants there are a ton of interesting things to see/do: Kids Only Market, waterpark (Victoria Day until Labour Day), boat/kayak/SUP rentals, whale watching tours, fishing charters, Granville Island Hotel (and its attached resto/brewery), galleries, community centre, the "big hill" (great for relaxing and picnic'ing), Granville Island Brewery, art supply store (Opus), live theatre stages, yoga studio and more. If you're
  20. Coincidentally, I just listened to an acoustic version of Hate It Here on the weekend. Jeff's solo show at Largo 2013-12-18. It's a Roadcase show.
  21. The band just added Pomona, CA (Fox Theatre) on April 19; also San Diego (The Observatory North Park) on April 15.
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