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  1. This is an amazing record. It's dense and atmospheric yet beautiful and accessible at the same time. Sad as hell in parts but that's why I listen to them - to be moved. And this one slays me.
  2. after a few more listens, this record goes from great to freaking fantastic. I am obviously in new album euphoria, and judgments are clouded, with no benefit of perspective, but I didn't have this reaction to the last few records, although I ended up liking them a lot. I wonder if the reverse will happen here. Hope not!
  3. This is the most focused, leanest, energetic Wilco record in a long time. I only listened to it a few times, and it's so tempting to go over the top with praise, but my initial reaction is that it's just great. I love it.
  4. I am particularly impressed with the production on this record. The vinyl sounds great too. Like Wilco, there is a real attention to detail and all instruments are clear and distinct. It's a pretty rare thing in the modern era of music - it should be no surprise that the audio qualify of a lot of albums released (whethere on CD or LP format) is just terrible.
  5. Started a thread in the someone else's song section....sorry, didn't see this one. Listened to the NpR stream and it really is a great record. I want to get the vinyl but already so hard to find.
  6. I know of O'Rourke's involvement with Tweedy and Wilco, but wasn't that familiar with his music. Anyway, his new album, Simple Songs, is out now and it's actually prettty great. The music is intricate but melodic and the lyrics are witty. He seems to be a very private person, and hasn't released a proper solo album in years, but he's very influential to a lot of musicians. I think it's time to seek out his other music.
  7. that's a great song...arguably should have been on the album proper. the shorter version is on the bonus CD, which also has some excellent acoustic renditions. Overall, very good bonus material. Bono and Edge were just on Italian TV, and did a powerful performance of Every Breaking Wave.
  8. while I agree with the mass appeal of U2, you can't really equate the actual music with generic or ubiquitous brands...it's far from the Top 40 pop music variety. They are probably one of the few bands of real quality that have achieved widespread commercial success like the Stones or Beatles, for example. While the albums of the 2000's are not at the level of the classics like Achtung Baby, the new one is very good and the method of distribution has taken over the narrative and prevented it from receiving a fair assessment. And they are still taking risks artistically, with several songs o
  9. totally disagree, sorry. The lyrics are actually more honest and personal than anything since Achtung Baby. "Honest emotions" for Coldplay? Example of Coldplay lyrics from last album: 'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars I'm gonna give you my heart 'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars 'Cause you light up the path I don't care, go on and tear me apart I don't care if you do, ooh 'Cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars I think I saw you 'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars I wanna die in your arms 'Cause you get lighter the
  10. They will always be saddled by their legacy, and comparisons to early material will always be there, but the album standing on its own is more finely crafted and better than most of the stuff out there that passes for mainstream indie rock (The Killers, The Black Keys, Coldplay, Arcade Fire - all extremely overrated). Take any song on the album and forget the name of the band, and it won't get the level of crap it's getting now. And all of this talk of "relevance." The richest company in the world just invested $100 million into this supposedly "irrelevant" band.
  11. I think it's a really good album actually....especially the last six songs - almost 90's U2 in terms of qualify. Volcano, Raised by Wolves, and This is Where you can Reach me all have incredible energy and have elements of earlier stuff from Boy and War. Cedarwood is classic U2 with a great riff. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight could easily fit on Pop or Zoorapa. The Troubles with Lykke Li is simply a stunning song. I have no idea how anyone can say they are not a creative force anymore just based on that song alone. Coldplay doesn't come close, with their Euro trash disco sound and absolutely
  12. It's funny how the song kind of sinks in and just clicks...a lot like other songs with this band. I was happy with it upon first listen but suspected it was probably one of the plateaus of an album I anticipate having a lot of peaks (based on live versions of a few songs). So that's definitely a good sign. And Matt is one of the best lyricists around. Not many people care about lyrics anymore, but his lyrics often enhance a song, rather than just blend in. There's always a cool turn of phrase but not for being cool's sake. I find there's emotional depth to them.
  13. I'll be seeing Dino Jr next month Really like the new album. That makes three great albums in a row since they reformed. I can't think of any reunited band with that kind of run.
  14. Re Lost: no ending would have satisified everyone....I found it quite moving, and liked the ambiguity...after all, they are basically tackling the mystery of the afterlife and the creators obviously had their influences in coming up with a theory or concept. I don't know of any show with such grand ambition. I don't understand the allure of True Blood...I tried to watch it but it just seemed like some weird and campy blood soaked porno.
  15. I have only started listening to Rush the past few years, and while the new album is not up to the level as say, Permanent Waves or Moving Pictures, I still think it is very good. I understand the "loudness" gripe, but the tunes are pretty melodic and hard hitting and they are not cluttered. The guitar, bass and drum sound is fairly crisp...but then again, I am not an audiophile so I respect those who disagree. What strikes me in listening to interviews with Rush is that they are really intelligent and thoughtful guys, with a great sense of humor. They seem to get a lot of crap from the i
  16. heard this morning....sad day....unfairly labeled a "sci-fi" author. Bradbury was a true poet and his stories amazed both children and adults.
  17. I was there too, and it was a great show. Reading some reviews in the media and they are all praising it as a sort of legendary show, so I am glad I had the chance to see them. Makes you kind of sad that they can't continue as a proper band and record some new stuff. All I kept thinking was this is a real, take no prisoners rock n' roll band...
  18. got a ticket to this show during the pre-sale...heard it was sold out even before the general sale. never seen them, despite being a fan going back to '93 when Gentlemen came out....Joseph Arthur is opening up. the bowery is usually a great venue, and it's probably the only chance to seem there...the tour is fairly extensive, and it wraps up at Terminal 5 in NYC, but I heard that place sucks.
  19. I was at MSG on Monday. My first Springsteen show, so can't comment on how this setlist compared to others. All I can say is that I was blown away. Three hours of awesomeness. Just incredible, joyous energy, and so uplifting. Backstreets, Spirit in the Night, and Rosalita were supposedly the surprise songs. Backstreets in particular was a great, powerful performance. Band was tight, even though there seemed like 50 of them up there on stage! Will hopefully make other shows. Anyone try the Backstreets ticket drop system? I was thinking about it for the Newark show, but not sure if
  20. what annoys me is that she doesn't strike me as a true artist....sure, she has a good voice, but she probably has a consortium of people who write lyrics (albeit with corny, hallmark card sentiments), arrange the songs, etc. she's the younger, hipper, version of Susan Boyle... That Rolling in the Deep song will sell a lot of karaoke machines....
  21. those Jimmy Fallon performances are pretty great....they did E Street Shuffle with the Roots and it was awesome.
  22. The Beatles The Rolling Stones Radiohead Supergrass Doves Echo & The Bunnymen Elbow Super Furry Animals Spiritualized David Bowie
  23. it's interesting to hear people's opinions on the post-2000 stuff. I am relatively new Springsteen fan - just started listening to him a couple of years ago (for some reason I always had a blind spot for him), and my first album was Magic. I thought it was great, and it is still one of my favorites. I then listened to Working on a Dream, and while it's definitely not better than Magic and there is some questionable material (Queen of the Supermarket), I didn't think it was terrible. In fact, I love the title track, and Life Itself is beautifully poetic and dark. It's a grandiose pop albu
  24. a band out of Scotland called... We Were Promised Jetpacks
  25. I listened to the 21 tracks of The Promise, and there are a number of songs that could have been top ten hits at the time. It's a testament to Springsteen's shrewdness and integrity as an artist that he withheld them for so long. While not up to the level of Darkness..., it's a great collection of songs. Some are unabashedly pop, but not by any means cheap and throwaway. The title song is just stunning, and is probably the one song that could rival anything on Darkness...
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