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  1. Oh, yeah-i forgot to include All I Need—you’re right, it definitely has A Shot In the Arm lyrics.
  2. Some observations and a question after listening to the outtakes/alternate takes and demos: 1) No Hurry sounds like it became I Am Trying To Break Your Heart after some new lyrics and other tweaks 2) We're just Friends/Yee Haw sounds like the music became Just a Kid My question: anyone else wondering if the name Viking Dan is a not-so-subtle reference to Vicodin, which-as the liner notes and Jeff's book tell us--was flowing freely at the time, or is it just me? That song is one of my favorites on this box set, btw. Really sounds raw and desperate and backs up a lot of the liner notes about that being a dark time for them.
  3. That was definitely GBV's Teenage FBI they were singing.
  4. I bought the double CD and-at least for me-the multiple download notices were 1) a download of the album tracks and (happily) 2) a download of the bonus track that was vinyl-only for a little while. The second one arrived a week or two after the album was released, I seem to remember.
  5. With absolutely no disrespect intended, I think that the idea that what got Trump elected was the disaffected American blue collar worker who was worried about his job and financial future and his voice being heard...is dishonest at best and delusional at worst. News outlets and pundits have been trying hard to convince themselves and everyone else that was what happened. But after the events of this week and some of the thousands of ugly and truly shitty things said and done by opposing citizens and politicians during Obama's time in office and especially during the 2016 election, you will never convince me that bigotry wasn't/isn't the main thing driving Trump's supporters. I lived in the South for 30+ years and I heard and witnessed more racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia in the last eight years than ever before, getting progressively worse and progressively more public in the last year. I'm not saying every Trump supporter or Republican politician is a card-carrying KKK member or swastika-wearing neo-Nazi. What I am saying is that I've felt marginalized and betrayed by my government, and I've been out of work and felt down and paralyzed and afraid...I've been scared about my future and my safety and terrified by world events...but I never once thought that what would make my life better would ever involve being okay with the Klan and the Nazis. If my champion had parties where white power advocates and Holocaust deniers were not turned away at the door, I don't care how down and out I was, I'd find a new champion.
  6. Shawnsolo73: as far as meeting the band goes, we've usually had good luck just hanging out near the buses after the show. Everyone in the band has been very gracious and friendly, but we've never seen Jeff Tweedy signing or chatting after a show. Good luck!
  7. Thanks, too from me, for the links. Never got the email either, so I was worried. Went off without a hitch, though!
  8. maxspr1

    Presale help

    Yeah, this is starting to worry me--no email yet with the presale info. I even created a new account with a new email and...nothing. Also tried emailing Songkick/CrowdSurge but haven't received a reply. It's past close-of-business the day before the presale, so this really doesn't look good.
  9. I think they're in the process of switching us over: when I tried to sign in to Crowd Surge with the email account I used for Front Gate it said my email address wasn't recognized, so I assume they haven't gotten to my account yet. That's why I'm a bit concerned that some people including myself might be shut out of the presale happening in less than 48 hours. Oh, well. I'll try emailing Songkick and see what happens. I can also create my own Crowd Surge account and hope that works for the presale.
  10. Has everyone had their Front Gate account switched to Crowd Surge yet? I haven't gotten the email with the transfer instructions, so I'm getting a little concerned about being able to do the presale in two days...I'm wondering if opening up a new Crowd Surge account will allow me to do the presale or if it HAS to be done via the Wilcoworld email...
  11. For Skian-- You're right: there are no new songs, but there are at least two tracks that are previously unavailable versions of songs (Unlikely Japan is almost two minutes longer than the only other available version and At My Window Sad and Lonely Jeff Tweedy Solo Version is a completely different recording than what it is listed as being and something that hasn't been available until this set). Also, earlier in the thread a couple of us were wondering if the Cars Can't Escape on AMF is not what was listed in the liner notes or released as a Wilcoworld download--it sounds like a completely different, more finished and more in line with the rest of YHF version than what anyone's heard before (the weird electronic noises especially). Not necessarily worth buying the box just for these tracks, but definitely a nice little surprise if you were going to buy it anyway!
  12. A heads-up for people who are on the fence or disappointed about buying AMF because they have all of the material already: at least two tracks are not what they're listed as. In the liner notes for AMF, there's info about where each track originally appeared, as in what single or soundtrack or compilation it's from. In at least two cases (possibly three), though, the AMF track is a different version of the track than what's listed. I found this out when I imported the CDs into iTunes and noticed the times on some of the AMF tracks were pretty different than the originals that I already had in iTunes... 1) At My Window Sad and Lonely (Jeff Tweedy Solo Version) - this is supposed to be the version of the song from the Mermaid Avenue Bonus EP, but it's a completely different version instead. On the EP this song is relatively close to the album track but not quite the same and is clearly not Jeff Tweedy solo either--there's a full band playing. The AMF version definitely sounds like a solo Jeff version, mostly just vocals and guitar. My guess is the EP track was just an alternate band take on the song or a full band demo and was mislabeled, but the AMF version really is the true solo version. It's definitely not the same recording as the one on the EP. 2) Unlikely Japan - on AMF this track is two minutes longer than the version on the 45 single. 3-maybe) Cars Can't Escape - I'm not sure about this one because I wasn't lucky enough to grab the Wilcoworld version when it was originally released and the one I have was found somewhere online long after. I would bet the one currently circulating online and listed as the original Wilcoworld download is just a mislabeled track from the YHF engineer demos. Anyone have the original and the AMF version and can compare? The AMF version has weird YHF noises all over it, but my old file is pretty spare and just voice and instruments--no weird noises. There may be more different versions, but I haven't listened to the entire set yet and these are all I've found so far. Anyway, if you're a completist, then it's good news: two new songs, maybe three (or at least new versions of old songs)! Can't help you if you already own everything and think the price of the box set is too high for just two songs. I'm pretty happy with AMF myself because I'm glad to have good clean versions of some vinyl-only stuff like Childlike and Evergreen/Someone Else's Song (the original color 45 sounds horrible) and the Kicking Televison LP box tracks, in addition to the three tracks I listed above and a couple of other things I missed (the live Spiders and Hell Is Chrome). The liner notes are pretty cool, too.
  13. Such a good show! I can't decide if this one was the best I've seen or if the last Detroit show was better...I think if they'd played A Shot in the Arm and One Sunday Morning, it would easily have killed Detroit. And my head would have exploded.
  14. The tracks are "Diamond Light" parts 1 & 2, for what it's worth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. There is a 10" single for sale here at the Detroit show, though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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