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  1. I am the Dr. Phil of calling Midlake overrated. NP: Bonny Billy Little Lost Blues
  2. I wrote of review of this for the paper I work for. Obviously, I dig it.
  3. I'd start with The One That Brought You. It has some of their best full-on rockers--"The Good Slot," "Paid Vacation," etc. The other two are certainly worth picking up but this one is hands down the best.
  4. Disagree! Where is my charming little literate folk band? The prog-rock stuff just doesn't work for me, and a couple of the folksier songs, which are usually Meloy's bread and butter, just didn't do it for me, either. One of the first softer songs (I don't have the tracklisting handy) seemed about two lesbians away from an indigo girls song. I heard maybe three or four songs I liked.
  5. Go see it. You'll have fun. It exceeded all my wildest expectations.
  6. You need to get The Troublemaker and Yesterday's Wine ASAP. I'm worried about this collaboration, though. It could be great, but Ryan Adams and great production don't go hand in hand. I mean, Gold is basically the best Mellencamp album of the oughts. Hopefully, it will be closer to Heartbreaker or Jacksonville City Nights.
  7. I believe it's called Texas Troubadour, but I could be wrong. I found it for $25 at a Virgin once and snagged it. Best $25 I ever spent. Live at the Old Quarter is simply without compare though. The new Live at Union Chapel, London, England is good, too. Live Townes is definitely the way to go for a newbie. His stories and jokes are part of the charm. P.S. I think my favorite Townes song right now is "Don't You Take It Too Bad"
  8. What Comes After The Blues grew on me immensely and now I love it. I think I love Fading Trails too, although I wish they would issue all the seperate sessions instead (Nashville Moon, Sun Sessions, etc.)
  9. true dat, brother. What do you think of Fading Trails?
  10. 2nd vote for Live at the Old Quarter.
  11. Yeah. I don't like Sound Team or Voxtrot, either. To each his own, I guess. I do agree that Tapes N' Tapes is not the best band from your town, however.
  12. Just check out 'Roscoe". It's a great Fleetwood Mac rip-off. But don't buy into the Midlake hype. The last thing we need is a Bread revival. In the new Spin the lead singer talks about listening to Christopher Cross at home. Christopher Cross people! If I made a list of the top ten Denton bands ever, Midlake, needless to say, would not be on it. Go buy some Centro-matic, Baptist Generals and Slobberbone records instead.
  13. Springsteen Bombs Flying Burrito Brothers Denton Kids
  14. Magnolia Electric Co. -- Fading Trails God I Love this band.
  15. Some pics I took at the fest with my new digital camera can be found here. I think Devendra Banhart's band may be giving My Morning Jacket a run for their money in the "Who's the real life Stillwater?" race.
  16. I think I may like The Avalanche better than Illinois.
  17. It's probably my favorite of his studio albums. I like the twangy stuff.
  18. I'm heading up to Chicago from Dallas to check it out this weekend. I'm assuming there are plenty of VC'ers going. I'm particularly excited about Os Mutantes, Silver Jews, the National and Devendra Banhart. How about you guys?
  19. Can someone post an updated claims list? I am a lazy bastard.
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