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  1. Cool! I'm saving this for work tomorrow. I like Jim DeRogatis a lot. His book, Kaleidescope Eyes is excellent. There's also a website devoted to the Beatles' Revolver that has a 30 minute interview with Jim. Probably for completist only, but pretty on the mark, IMO. Along with Chuck Klosterman, he's one of the only decent music critics out there.
  2. I thought this would've been the entire band. Very surprising.
  3. I wonder if the drum solo made it to the recorded version.
  4. 17 posts and no obligatory Big Lebowski references. Shame! Man, I hate the f*cking Eagles
  5. Pretty long sample. Wish it were the whole song though ...
  6. You Could Be the One? Classic!
  7. I might hold off on this one. I feel like I'm going to have seen the entire DVD before Tuesday!
  8. Not as weird at the Huskers being on ...who was it? Joan Rivers. That was a good one. This is kind of genius. Dinosaur Jr. on Jenny Jones Wrong CD cover and Jenny gets the song title wrong. "Out of There!"
  9. Yes, but Jeff's gotta be the most awesome guy in history! Thanks for typing. I enjoyed it.
  10. It's not too terribly hard to find in the used LP section of better record stores. I see it at Shake It Records in Cincinnati all the time. It's not quite the used staple as Reactor or Trans though It's a pretty good album. My least favorite of the "ditch trilogy." It's most notable for the song, "Don't Be Denied."
  11. This might be part of the bonus disc. Part of the interview is in the Shake It Off trailer.
  12. This is one truly great song!
  13. I'm shampooing over from Cincinnati. 2 days of Wilco! It's gonna be the best part of my summer!
  14. Man! I've got about 3 shows from that tour, but I don't consider myself a big trader in anyway. That Fox Theatre has always been my personal favorite. I'd love to pass it along. It would have to be a zip of mp3s. Like I said, I'm not hardcore. If you found a bittorrent seeded somewhere that would be the real deal. If you need wavs, I can do a B&P I guess, or a trade. PM me.
  15. Been really into this version of Poor Places lately. http://download.yousendit.com/578F942D4A19B116 9/15/04 St. Louis Fox Theatre Starts closer to the YHF version than the KT one does. Has a killer noise freakout at the end
  16. I bet she "loves" it when you say that!
  17. This thread was started one day late!
  18. I agree about Spin's general lameness. IMO it jumped the shark when it switched from jumbo size to regular. Chuck Klosterman, didn't write the feature by any chance did he? If so, it could be decent.
  19. What is the limit on the number of tickets you can buy presale?
  20. album: Def Leppard-Hysteria concert: Kiss w/ Slaughter and Little Caesar
  21. bedbug

    US dates

    This is going to be the best Flag Day ever!
  22. Seems like he's fallen on hard times. Rose to music stardom in the 70s, and now he can't even get arrested!
  23. http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/593..._on_next_albums Company in My Back?
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