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  1. Man! ... just ... ... fvcking ... just ... man!
  2. I'd really appreciate a sendspace file of this! Interesting trades considered.
  3. What time do you think Wilco will be hitting the stage. I'm rolling in from Cincy, and want to schedule plenty of travel time.
  4. I don't think TotS is very representative of the album. It's by far my least favorite on it. Not necessarily a bad song, but just #1 overplayed and #2 not quite as special as Care of Cell 44, Beechwood Park, TWBOY, etc ... IMO, Oddessey and Oracle makes good on the promises of Pet Sounds. There's something simlar about them, and something not similar. In an alternate universe O+O is an album every rock geek owns and worships, and Pet Sounds is the one most people have heard about here and there but have never listened to.
  5. Collin Blunstone, man, what a set of pipes!
  6. Great album! One of my top 5. I unfortunately have nothing to add about the sound quality! "Maybe After He's Gone" ???
  7. It's been a while, but I remember A Day In the Life: The Music and Artistry of the Beatles by Mark Hertzgaard being good. It's the one where Paul looks really stoned on the front. And for fun, I recommend The Walrus Was Pau by R. Gary Patterson.
  8. Slow news day? Any predictions on the other 4 commercials? I think Hate It Here has to be in the mix somewhere.
  9. I'd love to see a solo rock album. Jeff's proven himself a capable bass player and lead guitarist. He already has the ultimate session drummer in Glenn. They could record it in the loft. I'd love to hear a dozen or so Hey Chicken/Ruling Class type songs. I guess basically a Loose Fur record without O'Rourke's singing is what I'm hoping for.
  10. I didn't even think to stick the CD in my computer! I thought the DVD + One True Vine single were the "enhanced" parts. I guess that's why you never ASSUME - it makes an ass out of u and me
  11. I dislike the Cold War Kids because they sound like Modest Mouse. The fact that they're Christian only makes me dislike them slightly more.
  12. Another good one I love his take on it!
  13. One thing that I noticed is how much nicer the loft and Jeff's house look in Shake It Off than they do IaTtBYH. That rug in the loft really ties the room togther!
  14. My favorite part is when Glenn is being interviewed and accidentally hits the cymbal. Did anyone notice the end credits say Trixie films in association with Nonesuch and dBPM Inc ?
  15. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! This is me rocking out to the coda of Side With the Seeds
  16. IMO, they went downhill when they switched to a daily format. I might be missing something, but Bad Brains doing a concert on a cruiseship doesn't strike me as much of a "headline." It seemed like the punching incident monopolized about 4 days worth of news. "Tweedy explains explanation of punching incident ..."
  17. They printed the transcript of the View interview.
  18. Another person over here who wasn't expecting pitchfork to dig it. Maybe SBS shouldn't be written about. It's great music. It feels good to listen to. What else can you say about it?
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