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  1. Gusy, I know this is a Wilco forum, but I've got to say I've really got my hat in the ring for the Chili Peppers. They've been around a lot longer than Wilco, during which time they've given us such hits as "Under a Bridge," as well as ... other songs! I'm going on record as saying this is the year of the Chilis. Team Keidis!
  2. I'm guessing you played a 70s SG. A '61 reissue, for starters is technically going to be a Les Paul, and as stated by YellowMarmot, will have a very skinny neck. Fantastic news about the guitar, BTW!
  3. The jazzmaster is cool, but it frets out above the 10th fret or so. You can't really bend strings on it, so it's more of a rhythm guitar for me. I was surprised because Nels, J, Thurston and Lee, etc do so many mind blowing things on jazzmasters. It might benefit from having a mustang bridge on it. I mostly play the SG.
  4. Thanks! The cabinet is more of a cemetary than a treasure chest. Notice the 2 volume pedals.
  5. I love sharing pictures of "my kids!" (still saving up for the flying v!)
  6. personally, i don't hear much of a wilco - e street band connection, but hey, you never know
  7. Thanks, I hadn't heard that one before. Great song! I wonder what the chances of Bob and Toby touring together again are.
  8. If you want your world completely funked up, I recommend checking out this band from Africa called Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Dahomey. Sometimes labeled as T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo. Prepare to become obsessed:
  9. Now that's the kind of music you get down and dirty with!
  10. Great show. My 11th and one of my favorites. Great energy. Did anyone notice they played the Heartless Bastards guitars on Wilco the Song. Either that of Jeff got a goldtop LP, and Nels got a J Mascis signature Jazzmaster.
  11. Not to get nitpicky, but I'm pretty sure it was corn on the cob.
  12. I'm trying to stay out of this thread, but I found this statement rediculous. Implying that the guitar solos on Spiders are mistakes, and not the band's artistic choice is crazy. #1 Wilco has recorded plenty of music they haven't released, if they weren't happy with Spiders I don't think it would be on the album. #2 the guitar solos on Spiders are amazing and completely appropriate for the mood of the song. It would take a Celine Dion fan to listen to that song and go "man, that guy can't play guitar, can he?"
  13. IMO 1. Daydream Nation 2. Goo 3. Rather Ripped 4. Sonic Nurse 5. Murray Street
  14. Another editing observation: Jeff's guitars magically change before Kingpin and HMD.
  15. About a year ago there was a guy wearing a Pernice Brothers shirt in a Speedbump Cartoon. Best thing that happened to me that week.
  16. All those poor unexpecting folks who came to hear "Down By the River."
  17. I paid less than $10 for my used copy. I think it's quite good. It's not necessarily beautiful or stoned, but it is above average light-psych with some English folk and SanFrancisco touches. I gotta go with the Experience all the way. RIP Mitch!
  18. Spanish Castle Magic Drum Solo San Diego, '69
  19. Damn, sad news. Best rock drummer ever!
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