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  1. Wilco + Hendrix > Foo Fighters + Doors
  2. It's 10 am in Cincinnati and they're not up yet. Chicago is an hour behind, right?
  3. 2 of my favorite bands Vee Vee Icky Metal Speed of Cattle VS GOAT All The Nations Airports Vitus Tinutus Seconds Before the Accident White Trash Heroes On the Mouth Indoor Living No Pocky for Kitty Come Pick Me Up Here's to Shutting Up Tossing Seeds Incidental Music Foolish Here's Where the Strings Come In Cup of Sand s/t
  4. This wasn't on a college campus, but in Cincinnati, tickets went up for grabs a day early for members of something. Cincinnati Arts Something or other. I bought tickets the next day, first day of the Wilco presale, and although they weren't nose-hair close, they were still fair.
  5. There's a roommate in the Tao of Steve that's a dead-ringer for AM/Being-There era Tweedy. This picture isn't really the best representation
  6. Ha ha! That's awesome! Go John! I'm also digging the area rug. Really ties the stage together.
  7. Powderfinger, Hold Back the Tears and Human Highway are solo acoustic (although the last two have backing vocals ...) Sedan Delivery is very slow and plodding, kind of unlistenable. Peace of Mind is a rock band version, possibly the Horse, at least it sounds like Ralph on drums. Very ragged. Will to Love, Like a Hurricane and Look Out for My Love are either the album versions, or different mixes of the same take. Thanks Anodyne!
  8. Back band = Ralph Molina, Rick Rosas and Ben Keith http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/inde...sed-1977-album/
  9. For this reason alone I wonder how long it will be before we get another live Wilco record. How many does Neil have? 7 or 8? It would be cool if they put something else out in a couple of years, and dug a bit farther into Being There. I'm glad we got a live one with the mighty six lineup!
  10. Very groovy, Thanks! I've listened to about half of this so far, and musically it's a lot more ambitious than I was expecting after hearing all the mellow 70s vocal talk. There's actually some really sweet guitar playing on this!
  11. Faster Pussycat was my favorite band for a pretty long stretch when I was into metal in the 5th & 6th grade. I was always kind of proud of the fact that even as a little kid I was able to distinguish the difference between FP who are probably like a 2 or a 3, and someone like Poison who's a zero. (I did like Poison too though)
  12. Those three would be great to start with. Great band.
  13. Daydream Nation is good. It's considered "quintessential" by most sources, for what it's worth. Plus it's a double album, so you get your bucks worth. For some reason though, I'd probably put Goo slightly above it. It may not be the "avante punk no-wave masterpiece" that DN is, but pound for pound, it's got some of my favorite shit on it. Of the O'Rourke albums, I like Sonic Nurse the best. Rather Ripped, man all you can say is it's rather good! I'd start with Daydream Nation. Then buy Goo and Sister at the same time. Then Dirty and Evol, and work your way backwards and forwards simu
  14. Nels is interviewed about playing with Wilco in the new Guitar Player magazine. Lots of music theory, but definitely worth reading. The solo for You Are My Face was recorded in his boxer shorts! Also, Jeff's solo for spiders was voted one of the 40 most beatifully reckless guitar solos in history. I have to agree with that one.
  15. No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July
  16. Over: Heavy Metal Drummer, IATTBYH Under: Hell is Chrome, Hummingbird
  17. I'd love to see Dr. Dog. Why did I play my vacation for the weekend they're in Louisville?
  18. Olivia Tremor Control - Dusk and Cubist Castle and Black Foliage Beatles - Revolver or Magical Mystery Tour Hendrix - Are You Experienced? Yo La Tengo - Electr-o-Pura Stones - Satanic Majesties Zombies - Oddessey and Oracle
  19. Love those guys! (and girl)
  20. XO has always been the one that's blown me away
  21. When he tried on the bling, he said something about posting it on dadrock.com
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