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  1. It actually is probably my favorite book ever. Toss up between GBYMR and Cat's Cradle, but I think Rosewater has the slight edge. Great thread!
  2. Sad news. Milo Goes to College was by far my favorite Descendents LP, and one of the big reasons was Frank's guitar tone.
  3. Great night! Glad I saw this. For some reason, I've always known I'd see Jeff Mangum peform in the middle of a field at a horse track in Kentucky.
  4. Insane 1st 4 songs! I'll combust if he does anything like this in Detroit!
  5. Mine is a picture of me either thwarting or bringing on about the apocalypse wih my guitar shredding.
  6. I'll be putting in my time-off request for December 7th - 16th today!
  7. He even kind of looks like John Stirrat.
  8. The Newport, KY show was really short too. I thought it may have been because it was Easter Sunday, but I guess not. I still really enjoyed it. Setlist looks similar, except they played Out of Reaches (awesome) and Baby Come On :^P
  9. Untitled is a really underrated record. Clarence White's vocals sound like butter on Truck Stop Girl.
  10. Notorious Byrd Brothers. Easily. BTW Goin' Back just came up in my shuffle as I typed this!
  11. Playing the inauguration would be like SNL times 50!
  12. Rather Ripped was engineered by TJ Doherty who did Sky Blue Sky, Born Again in the USA, and the new Malkmus. His guitar sounds just sing! Not to discredit the musicians at all, but he does the nicest job out there on cleaner sounding guitars, IMO.
  13. I know, I know. I just haven't been able to stop playing this album since it leaked. I'm a big fan of the guitar indulgence. I know a lot of people are put off by his recent forays into AOR territory, but I say crank it dude!
  14. Great album. I think it's the best since Crooked Rain ... possibly his best ever. Can't wait for the Easter Sunday show.
  15. I thought Nels sounded a little weather channelly on it.
  16. Not sure if this is '05 or not. http://www.sendspace.com/file/zttcmj
  17. How long do these intermissions last?
  18. Kicking TV resulted from 4 consecutive nights in Chicago. Just sayin'
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