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You've heard it all before....


Point zero: MA1, which someone gave me in Jan. 2004. After a few listenings, went AWATT and have not put on any other music since then. Really, this Jan. will be two year anniversary for me to be in this delusional state. :blink From Mermaid I went to A.M., then went simultaneously backward and forward in time: Anodyne, then BT, then March, then Summerteeth, then Still Feel Gone, then YHF, No Depression, finally AGIB. By that time I discovered other Tweedy related music, including GS and LF, but also began listening to the Jayhawks (just got Hollywood Town Hall). AWATT is really ATATT, but the former has a nice ring to it, so I

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*+1 to your post count, respond to this and you'll get another one free of charge.

:huh Interesting that you seem to think people care about their postcounts. I certainly don't. If anything, I'm a little embarrassed about mine. If that's all you think we're doing in the RTT, you're way off.


I completely understand people not wanting to keep up with the RTT, though. I didn't -- couldn't -- for a long time, and I'm not even sure how I eventually got sucked into it. It's harmless fun.


what is RTT?

Random topic thread. It's usually one of the pinned threads at the top of the Tongue-Tied Lightning forum. Thread titles often make little or no sense. It may be a bit hard to catch up to at first, because by now there are a lot of inside jokes that get alluded to or dusted off every so often, but mostly it's just people talking about random stuff.

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Air Force / Monterey, CA


I have a good friend of mine who has been listening to Wilco since YHF, and one day he had me download one of their live shows, I didn't really take to it, but one day for whatever reason I was feeling down and put the playlist on random album, and it ended up on the Wilco set list. For whatever reason it just clicked, and eventually I started going through their albums in a kind of reverse order. AGIB -> YHF -> ST -> BT -> AM -> UT/Side Projects. I now own all of their albums, the dvd, loose fur, and the wilco book. I was fortunate enough to see them live in Asheville last fall, and I think it only deepened my appreciation of their music even more. I have about 35 live shows on my computer and Wilco is pretty much a staple of my daily musical journies... :)

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Surely you're all much more interesting that what you're revealing here...






Unusual Jewlery?



I've got a skull ring :dead (please tell me that's the first time anyone on this board has used the dead smiley face!).

Want to get an AWATT tattooed on my arm--kids love the idea, students would dig it, but the wife will kill me, divorce me, or have me committed, not necessarily in that order.



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Tattoos? Nope. Don't mind 'em on other people, but they're not for me.

Piercings? Nope. See above.

Unusual Jewlery? Nope. I don't actually own any jewelry.

Scars? Lots.


My various scars are like little reminders of certain points in my life. There's the nasty one just above the middle knuckle on my left hand, that I got from a jagged piece of metal at the Belmont el stop (reaching through the little opening to get my change) after a great night of music and hanging out with friends back in '92. There's the barely visible pair of gouges I got in third grade gym class when one of my best friends and I were trying to catch the same pass. Then there's the permanent scar/bump over my eye from my one ill-fated attempt at water skiing (crashed big-time, tip of a ski flew up and hit me in the face, three quarters of an inch lower and I might have lost that eye).


More recently, my scars have been less random in origin. A surgery scar, and countless cat-related lacerations. I have a doozy behind my right knee -- about six inches long -- that will probably be with me for life.

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I'd like to meet most of you here........great people.....WOOW!!! All because of a band and the internets.....


:) -robert.

Back at ya,Robert! thanks for all you do for me :thumbup


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