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lets see pics of your gear

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We turned our dining room into a music room (who needs to eat at a table???), but there's way too much clutter to be sharing pictures of it! Here's a few shots of the Epiphone I "borrowed" from my father-in-law. It's a little funky/beat up/worked on improperly, but I absolutely adore it.





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Here's part of my collection. The PRS Hollowbody has a spruce top, loaded with a piezo system. The other PRS is from Annapolis. The Les Paul is a honeyburst. There's a Rickenbacker 360/12 and a 360/6. The Aria Pro II looks out of place in this pic, but it was the first electric guitar I ever had. My parents bought it for me in 1983!




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Here are the pedals I use on a regular basis. Sometimes at gigs people comment on the number of overdrive pedals on the board, but I use them for different purposes. Here's the chain:


Ernie Ball Volume Pedal-->Fulltone Clyde Deluxe-->Fulltone '69 (for a Fuzzface effect)-->Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Tenth Anniversary Mosfet Edition (for a Marshall type distortion)-->Fulltone OCD (for Fender tube amp overdrive effect)-->Crowther Hot Cake (for volume boost with slight amount of gain)-->Crowther Prunes & Custard (for odd noises that hurt the brain)-->MXR Phase 90-->Boss Tuner


The JangleBox is a hot-rodded compressor that I keep on the top of my amplifier and engage by hand. I use it with my Rickenbacker 12. If you're a compressor fan, I recommend checking them out at www.janglebox.com. The other pedal is a Boss Loop Station. I use this to work out harmony guitar parts and and leads.


Gadgets, got to love 'em! If you want to hear the gear in action, go to our MySpace page. The link is in the signature.



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^^ I'm not familiar with that amp but it sure does look nice. Just checked out the prices on one of these, pretty much what I figured, expensive :). How you liking it so far?

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My gear will impress absolutely nobody, but it does the job, and I've had guys with $2500 Gibsons ask to play my Strat on sessions, instead of their own guitars, just because they like the way it feels. It's magic.


Me with "Susan" -- My 1988 Squier Strat; heavily modified. (Chandler "Hot Rails" pickup in the bridge position, with coil-splitter switch, graphite nut, and blocked trem).



I play it through a Peavy Delta Blues 115



And my only stomp box is a Turbo RAT



My acoustic is a 1993 Epiphone EO-1



I also have a cheap Regal resonator guitar that I can't find a representative picture for.

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