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someone just told me that a new music torrent site will be opening up to try to take the place of Oink and it will be found at waffles.fm The only thing is... its invite only from day 1? So if any of you are the handful of people opening the site, can I get an invite?

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Would like to taste a waffle as well:


From the oink memorial forum:


We intend to invite all of you - All oink members and potential contributers. Waffles.fm will not have a usercap, ultimately... or, not a reasonably reachable one at least.


Our server is wheezing and panting already from the flood of uploads we received in the past 12 hours. We have hit 1,500 members, the invite system is working.


We have yet to even send out invites for those that prooved they were oink members with screenshots

Our initial invites have been confirmed power users and seedboxers.


So let's make this clear. Waffles has not yet sent out invites to those that emailed. I think your best bet is to wait it out. At least a week if not a month. If you're smart and intrepid you will get in. We will do our best to help you. You'll just have to wait until these sites get set up properly. OiNK took 3 years to get where it was. These guys have had a week and they still have to move the servers over to Sweden. FRANKIE SAYS, "RELAX...".

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By my quick count, I'm number 10 looking for an invite. If I'm reading that earlier message right, I might get an invite as a previous oinker.... I don't suspect the 10 invites I had for Oink will be transferred but who knows.......


Thanks A-man. Missed this.

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