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natalie jane / st. genevieve

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I have contacted one of her friends in Portland and will let you guys know of any news.


I am numb and in shock.


What I do know is that there will be a memorial service in Portland and a funeral service in Michigan. I have asked for her parents address and will forward it on to anyone who would like to send their condolences to her family.



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JFC -- I can't belive this. I never had the chance to meet her but I absolutely loved her posts -- what a wonderful sense of humor.


I hope we can get more details. She was from MI, right?


Thank god no one can see me... I'm in tears....

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i know nat's parents still live in michigan but she's been making portland her home for sometime (with a year spent in austin for her apprenticeship).


mike, thanks for the link to the other board. i read their posts and it gave me some time to calm down.


my two favorite memories of time spent with nat are both portland based:


--we went to (now defunct) Mabel's yarn shop where we revelled in the fact that we could knit and drink beer there. it was a blast. i do remember being so giddy i had to restart my hat pattern a couple of times.


--driving to the jeff tweedy show at the crystal ballroom, listening to andrew bird, nat and i singing along. our voices got louder as we sang, "there will be snacks!"


if you have a chance, visit the other board and read the lovely rememberances people are writing.

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For Nat:


Humble Daisy

Form a chain to hold all battleships in check

Humble Daisy

Knit a ladder down to nature's sunken wreck

Ragged rug unbound

Tangle trip the lovers

Royal barge aground

Brighter than all of the others on the window sill

I'll sing about you if nobody else will

Humble Daisy

Cast the milk and coins of morning's cash about

Humble Daisy

I fell down to heaven as you picked me out

We'll look up together

Browsing through some old sky

Sipping in the weather

You've got me dizzy, the fly that climbed the sugar hill

I'll lay upon you 'till somebody else will

Humble Daisy

We'll look up together

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Happy memories of Natalie: the November 2004 Wilco show in Portland. I always loved reading Natalie's show reviews, and this one was particularly special to me, as Trish and I had hung out with her around Portland that day (and the night before: raspberry beer and tater tots).


Carla Bozulich after that show, with Nat's tinfoil spider:




The next night, in San Jose, she gave similar spiders to each member of Wilco.



And because she was all about the equal opportunity:




(Jay with his tinfoil Saint Genevieve, handmade by our Saint Genevieve)



And maybe my favorite picture of Natalie, with her RSBF:



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If you are still wondering if this is real, all signs indicate that it is. :(


No sir - just thought I would post it.


Some of the dudes in Wilco also recieved tinfoil sculptures.


If I had a camera, I would post a photo of mine.


She dedicated a song to me on the radio once.

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Natalie had a lovely singing voice, too. If you get a chance, check out the posted links in the sweetaddy thread. I'll post what I have of her singing in here, when I get home tonight.


Natalie, Trish and I sang Wilco karaoke with live piano accompaniment in Oakland one night. I laughed so hard that night. This is crazy.

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