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Hey - Does anyone seriously care if a new thread is started every month? With only 3 or 4 pages a month, it seems sort of unnecessary IMO.


Just think - if you're trying to find an older post, it will be RIGHT IN HERE! Date of post included automatically! Pinned and stickied for your posting pleasure! :)


And if it gets too long we can start a new one! Just send me a PM and I'll do it. I get an email msg that tells me someone sent me a PM, so I'll be prompt. Just so you know, posting demands in this thread can go unread for ... hmmm, easily 3 weeks, especially if I'm super busy with RL. (Which I am! Sorry, for the delay, but I've downsized and moved my 86-year-old mother into a retirement home Jan 6, and preparing our family home of 50 years for sale while my own house is being renovated for mold, plus working 40 hours a week, its pretty overwhelming. :twitchsmile Thanks for understanding.)


OK, let's hear your reasons for requiring a monthly separate thread for your "now-listening posts." :guitar




(Edited to add clarification ... this is your thread, and if you all decide you really need a monthly tweak, that's fine! Just send me a PM to tweak it and it will get done, okay? :) )

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