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October 30th in Chicago - Metro Show

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5 hours ago, ctfshjohn said:

will this be a " regular " show,  or a short one that they play just the new album ?

or maybe a regular show with some covers thrown in for Halloween " musical costume "?

thoughts ?


Regular in length. Heavy on Cousin and rock songs in content. Chicago is so lucky to have Wilco call it home. Carol's & YHF shows last year and Metro & No Repeats Riviera shows this year...

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34 minutes ago, Madcap said:

Was it ever revealed why they changed their name?

Hi Ohmmies, 

We wanted to let you all know about a little change coming in the future-- we are still a band, still touring, still love each other, and are having a smashing time working on a new record-- but we are changing our band name. There is a long story but the short one is that we had to and we see it as part of our life as a band to evolve every couple of years-- kind of like a Pokémon. 

We're going to announce our new band name next week but we wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your incredible and continued support these past 8 years. We love being Ohmme, we love making music, we love meeting you all out on the road and we look forward to continuing doing so. Ohmme is always going to be a part of our story and in our hearts. Please keep wearing the t-shirts, pulling the vinyl off the shelf, and loudly spelling our (former and current) band name(s) for your friends at our shows or while you're (hopefully) blasting the records at home. 

We love you all and are excited to share our next chapter with you. For now we're going to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy all things Ohmme. Please share with us and we would so appreciate your helping us spreading the word about our new name when the time comes. 


Sima & Macie”

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56 minutes ago, wilco_rps said:

Dumb question - with this will call setup, will there be a secondary market outside of the Metro?  Will people pickup hard copy tickets at will call which could be sold outside the venue?  Thanks.


If you're looking for a ticket, you could either hang out by the venue asking around for someone whose Plus-One bailed on them, or you could go to the box-office window to see if any tickets get released day of show. That often happens.

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Going to the Metro show on Monday but was wondering if anyone has a +1 for the XRT pop up show starting at 4. Tried both days, listened to a real radio, and still struck out. I’ll be at Metro early Monday anyways so why not try to see two Wilco sets in the same day! I’ll buy you a beer if that entices the offer! Let me know and thanks so much in advance!! 

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4 hours ago, Heart full of holes said:

Anyone watching the live stream? It's pretty great. 


Just finished watching. Had to watch the World Series first. It was so much better-directed than the livestream of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 20th-anniversary show. Jeff's voice is still sounding pretty rough, as he acknowledged. I cracked up when he flubbed the lyric when the vocals came back in at the end of "Bird/Base." It sounded like he sang, "When the sun began to weave..."


Thanks to the livestream, I was finally able to figure out what John had taped to his monitor: a lyrical cheat sheet for his harmonies in "Meant to Be." I had noticed this piece of paper at the shows in Southern California earlier this month, but I couldn't see what it said.

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