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  1. Apparently, these victims already had one foot in the grave.
  2. That's ok, I like Neil Diamond but don't tell anyone.
  3. Thanks, I haven't seen that one.
  4. Exactly. I was glad when she was finished.
  5. I saw him in Charlotte April 19 and had no idea what the show would be like, no clue about the DJ. All I knew was it was an 'acoustic show' so I was surprised. It was interesting, the DJ guy sang on some of the songs and added the beat. I would definitely recommend going if you can.
  6. An entire section of the newspaper fell unnoticed into the washing machine. It took many cycles to get all the soggy paper shreds out. It was terrible. Another time, I'd been outside in the rain with my dog, and didn't want to put the wet umbrella on the floor so I stuck it in the washing machine barrel to drip dry. Later, I threw a load of laundry in and washed it. The umbrella was ruined, but fortunately, the washing machine survived.
  7. Manifest Discs in Charlotte held an autograph signing w/Steve Earle and Alison Moorer today, and offered buy one get one free used cds. COOL!!! Note: Steve Earle was great tonight!!!
  8. I have a pic of me w/Rudy Sarzo from circa 1983 when Quiet Riot was doing in-store autographs at the Record Bar in the mall. I had forgotten all about that...
  9. I just watched "Into the Wild" - great movie. Anyone going to Alaska should watch. Even if you're not going to rough it in the wilderness.
  10. Going to see Buffett at the end of April - Fins up!!! What about Rock and Roll - Gary Glitter?
  11. I'm going to spend all my spare time sorting thru my box of Frosted Flakes - maybe I can go on vacation too.
  12. Cool - I haven't seen but one of those.
  13. When one buys autographed crap off ebay, craigs list, etc, how do they know that it's the actual autograph? I've alway wondered that...
  14. I get the feeling they had more issues than her choice in music. ... hate to think he just couldn't handle not being THE BOSS.
  15. I love that song, lots of energy and it's LOUD.
  16. I even have Herman Ze German's solo LP:
  17. There's the poster... Where are you from? I remember seeing your posts about going to the Charleston show (wearing the long sleeved black tshirt w/pretty wife )
  18. My hotel doesn't have a 13th floor because of superstition, but come on man, people on the 14th floor, you know what floor you're really on. "What room are you in?" "1401" "No you're not! Jump out the window, you will die earlier!" Because 13 is an unlucky number, right? Well that's what the letter B should be right, because B looks like a scrunched together 13. "Hello, what is your name?" "Bob" "Get the fuck away!"
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