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  1. Did anyone get a chance to capture the Broken Social Scene set from ATTBlueroom? I would love to get ahold of that.
  2. I own all their albums, but I seem to gravitate to Come On Die Young 90% of the time. Great band though.
  3. Nice, thanks for the heads up.
  4. Everwood was the best show on telelvision, and there isn't a single show on right now that comes close to it's quality. Sofia Coppola is one of the greatest living directors, and Lost in Translation is the most beautiful film ever shot. (not sure this is blasphemy, just a response to an earlier post) The Hudsucker Proxy is in my top 3 Coen films. Drew Barrymore is unbearably annoying and unattractive.
  5. All this hating on The National is making me But I agree 100% with those who have said that Radiohead is WAY "overrated".
  6. Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters - Theme from Weekend at Party Pier
  7. socbret


    Walken was seriously incredible.
  8. I was really hoping for a least one small bit of new info in the article, but like carlos said, there is nothing in this that hasn't been said a hundred times already. Has anyone seen any of his wife's films?
  9. Gruhn Guitars on broadway is a favorite stop of mine.
  10. I understand what you are saying, and that is probably the best explanation I'm going to get. So that I don't lose all credibility here, traveling means maybe taking a trip or two up to St. Louis every year to see friends. And without getting all "do you know who you're talking to", I can support myself with the film work I get outside of my studies, because I've worked for it and haven't rested on my parents "treasure trove". I pay for everything I listed in my first post. I'm not saying that is anything special, but maybe we'll talk in a decade and you'll have grown out of making assumptio
  11. With the exception of "80's Night" and a few other entries, I don't see the problem with enjoying most of the things that are listed on this blog. Going through the points on this blog, yes, I'm an [upper] middle class film student who enjoys indie music/radio, good food/beer/wine, I've read a few Sedaris books, I own Apple products, I have a netflix account, I enjoy "breakfast places", coffee, film festivals, travel, etc. Am I supposed to feel bad about all of that? I'd like to think my motivations are in the right place. I just don't get what this blog is trying to say.
  12. Weird article, but nice to see a Limbeck mention.
  13. I am a huge Coen Bros. and PT Anderson fan, and my favorite movie of the year was Atonement.
  14. Wow. I met Natalie after the Tweedy solo show in Austin earlier last year. Super nice, I remember standing with her talking to Jeff. Only person off VC I've ever met in real life. Horrible news.
  15. John Stirratt and Britt Daniel on stage together, enough to make me reconsider my orientation
  16. Looks like it's probably spraypaint. Really cool stuff.
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