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  1. Cheap Trick. Great logo, great imagery. Pick the band member you identify with: the freak, the nerd, the hipster or the sex symbol.
  2. I was there and thought it was a great show. Tweedy gets better and better as a musician and performer. I would say the audience was more polite than detached. Everyone seemed to really be in the moment, just on their best behavior. Maybe it was the venue. I was kind of glad that the audience was quiet because all I really wanted to hear was Jeff Tweedy. Been to enough shows where people talked through quiet songs or went on beer runs every 3 songs to appreciate an evening of great music performed by one of my favorite artists. Thanks for the review bbop! BTW, Buck Meek was excellent as we
  3. Setlist (thanks to my son's investigative skills) IATTBYH Art of Almost Hummingbird Company In My Back Handshake Drugs Camera Via Chicago New Madrid Secret of the Sea HMD I'm the Man Red-Eyed I Got You Jesus Born Alone Dark Neon Impossible G Magazine Dawned on Me Box Full Of Letters In the Street
  4. I was there and it was phenomenal! As you stated, the weather was outstanding and the band sounded great. Most impressive were the vocals. Jeff's voice was in fine timbre and the backing vocals were the best I've ever heard from them live. Further, John killed it on "In the Street" with Pat adding gorgeous harmonies. I saw a number of folks visibly impressed with their cover of a well-known Memphis classic. Jody on the drums didn't add any sloppiness like they were finding their way through the songs; they sounded tight with him behind the kit. I'm not one of those people who write down s
  5. More and more, day by day, I hate the lazy journalism of our time...polls. Whether I agree with the choices or not, I am cognizant of the fact that it's very easy to manipulate facts to justify the opinion of the poll creator(s).
  6. Me too. Say "hey" to Barn for us, Anj.
  7. Truly a great show. I've never been to a bad show at Mud Island and this was no exception. Crowd: Talkers came close to ruining the beginning of the show for me but I used all the patience I had in me and thankfully they stopped talking and then left. Their exit was one of the highlights of the evening. Met some nice folks down from Indy to see the show. Music: great set. As usual, the beginning of the show was slower than the end but the songs we got were for the die hards and we appreciated them. By the end of the main set a rock show had broken out and there was no slowing down. Ne
  8. Hoodoo Man

    What If

    I think the first thing that would not have happened is A Ghost Is Born. I just don't see Wilco making that album with Jay Bennett still in the band. At least not the way it turned out.
  9. I've already gotten my tix for the Memphis show (5/19). I would inquire. edit: just remembered I got shut out of the pre-sale so my tix were through ticket master. I'd still inquire.
  10. Really nice. Makes me proud to be a Missippin, Mississipan, Missi pian.......from the same state! I actually saw Pat's family at a show in Oxford, MS a few years ago and his dad was dancing like a maniac up in his "VIP" section.
  11. Tomorrow will be our 20 year anniversary, so I guess our wedding worked. We had a large wedding, but we both have huge families. I did make my wife wait until I had graduated from college and had a job before we got married just because I wanted to make sure I could do my part to support us. We paid for a good portion of our wedding ourselves and neither of our families have much money, so it was all done on the cheap. Photog was a friend of the family; ditto on the dj; didn't rent a limo, just borrowed my uncle's caddy and had my cousin drive us; food was donated and prepared by wife's au
  12. Twas outstanding. I really enjoyed it.
  13. I really enjoy this song and don't find it cheesy at all. For me it comes across as another fine example of Jeff's ability to turn a song's mood on a dime. The song starts with upbeat music as the narrator describes life in the big city without any opinion as to whether this place is good or bad. Then just as he says "I wish you were here with me. Better yet I wish I was there with you," the mood changes completely both lyrically and musically with "You wouldn't like it here..." And I don't mind competent musicians exploring different musical styles. Especially if they can pull it off.
  14. The Whole Love has arrived in Olive Branch, MS today. At least that's what my wife tells me.
  15. Yeah, I'm glad I've been set straight on that point. I've foolishly believed I enjoyed both his voice and lyrics for years. I know better now.
  16. I have to admit, I like what you're trying to do but am skeptical of your chance of success. I just recently told (probably re-told) my 12-year-old son the story of me hearing the opening chords to "The Lonely 1" at a Wilco show couple of years ago and thinking I was about to have a religious experience. Instead, the three guys in front of me talked from beginning to end and just made me have murderous thoughts. Fortunately, I was sane enough to realize that a) I'm 5-8, 165 lbs and they were all 6-0+, 200+ lbs. and b ) I am one and they were three. My bloody corpse would no doubt been foun
  17. That's really scary stuff. Hopefully all the injured will recoop quickly and completely. I'm a CT fan, so I'm glad they're ok and also hope Nielsen's guitar collection was not damaged. Back in May I opted to skip Wilco at the Memphis Musicfest due to severe thunderstorms. I was afraid something like this would happen that day, but thankfully all was fine.
  18. GET WELL SOON EVERYBODY (DELUXE PACKAGE) $175 1 cd copy of Get Well Soon Everybody 1 vinyl copy of Get Well Soon Everybody 1 free download of Get Well Soon Everybody 1 free fill-up at Wilco/Hess Travel Center 1 16 oz Icee™ at Wilco/Hess Travel Center 1 order of potato logs at Wilco/Hess Travel Center GET WELL SOON EVERYBODY...GET FUEL SOON EVERYBODY!!! ***Get Well Soon Everybody available on casette and 8-track at participating Wilco/Hess Travel Center outlets...
  19. Brother #1 (4 years older) - He turned me on to Beatles, Cheap Trick, Dylan and most 60's era rock. For these I'm eternally grateful. Plus he taught me the blues scale on guitar. Our split comes in that he tends to lean more towards more commercial music than I. For example where his dream concert would probably be Stones at the Enormo Dome, I'd rather see Wilco at a small amphitheater. So pretty much a yes to this question. Brother #2 (3 years older) - He turned me onto Hendrix, Who and college rock of the 80's (Guadal Canal Diary, etc.). This brother was and still is my guitar-playing
  20. I live in Mississippi and believe me, I'm not defending dumbass racists, but keep in mind, this was a poll of 400 people from a specific voting segment. I'm not saying we're light years ahead of where we were 50 years ago, but not every white person in MS has a hooded cloak in their closet.
  21. I'm pretty sure this is a joke, folks. But I guess if it ignites a spirited discussion, then play on!
  22. NONE! Wilco is mine! If I turn other people onto them, then they'll get popular and I'll have to share them. Never!
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