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  1. Mostly "celebrity" deaths don't phase me much. It happens. Bowie was such a huge part of my musical journey though that it had an effect. Not claiming to have known him but I did get to meet him once. One of the bigger thrills of 25+ years in the music biz. Glen Frey was more about what he died from. I've been dealing with the same issue for 8 years now & the disease is advancing. Winter is especially brutal. RA is an insidous disease with a lot of variations. Has to be taken into account with anything I want to do. Someone described it as having a thousand tiny rats chewing on all of your
  2. There are good quality boots of the tour rehearsals with SRV out there. Some of it works real well, some not so much. Worth checking out for sure.
  3. Daltry snuck the "who the fuck are you" in twice! & I'm on the west coast. Censor must've left early for the weekend.
  4. Know what you're talking about. Even though I'm more than 10 years younger, Glen Frey's passing hit too close to home. Way too close...
  5. I was lucky to see the first night of the last tour & they were outstanding. I saw the band plenty back in the day & they were hit/miss. Always interesting though. When they opened for Tom Petty, the first half of the set was beyond brilliant. A guy yelled out for "Black Diamond" & Paul said "give me $10 & we'll play it". So the guy did & it rocked totally. Then the drugs wore off. They just sort of stopped playing midsong & wandered off stage. I think they had too good a connection for something that wasn't good for them in Seattle. I loved how they ended the reunion t
  6. I've heard some tapes from the current tour. They are sounding pretty damn good! Pete still brings it.
  7. I bought the download of the 2nd Brooklyn show. Very nice! I wanted "Space Oddity" & went with night 2 because of the setlist. "Spiders" was the push over the cliff for me. As much as I hate buying downloads, I've bought a few of the Roadcase shows & have not been disappointed. @ $9, the price is realistic. Still would prefer cd but understand the economics. Happy that the band is putting out hi quality live recordings. BTW, "Space Oddity" is stellar!
  8. I will write a review for sure. You know, Iggy is 68 now. If you've never seen him, you should go if you can get tickets. He is legendary & puts on an incredible show. Word is he was still stage diving as of last year. His voice is still sounding real good, too.
  9. Really liked the Long Ryders when they were current. Was somewhat less enthralled with the Coal Porters. Hope the Ryders make it up to Seattle.
  10. Anybody else going to see Iggy & Josh Homme? I got real lucky & scored 11th row tickets for the 1st night of the tour. Post Pop Depression has leaked on the internet & its sounding like a masterpiece to me. I'm still going to buy it when it comes out next month as the quality will be better. Josh Homme & crew have done right by Iggy. I read an interview with Iggy where it sure sounds like he is going to basically retire. Based on this album, it looks like he is going out in style. The band on the tour is going to be the same on the record + a few ringers. Word is they are going
  11. Hell's Bells - AC/DC on the "For Those About..." tour & "Thunderstruck" on the Razor's Edge tour. "Riff Raff" with Bon Scott. The boys used to open a show pretty damn strong!
  12. Cool venue to see him. His voice isn't what it once was but he still puts on a good show & always has a stellar band. I was lucky to see Roxy on the "High Road" tour. 1 of my all time fave concerts.
  13. I saw Bobby Bare Jr. open for GBV on the last tour. He was very good & I think will fit in fine. Could be a nice complement to Robert.
  14. Really! I thought Bob had broke up the band again. I will have to check this out.
  15. I liked the Audi "Starman" spot.
  16. I'm down with sinusitis but made a 15 mile trek to Caveman Kitchens for some outstanding BBQ. Go Donkeys! BTW, thought Gaga was pretty good.
  17. 1 GBV show I saw where Bob went over the cliff (lot of stuff ended up on the drunken rants record), Bob slurred/announced that they were going to do Bee "f***ing" Thousand in its entirety @ about 1:15 AM (closing time 2:00 AM). & by God they did most of it. Epic but no "Kicker of Elves".
  18. "Hello There" - Cheap Trick "Warszawa" - Bowie in 1978 "Rebel Rebel" - Bowie the last tour "Seen Your Video" - the Replacements "American Girl" - Tom Petty
  19. A great musician, innovater & showman. I saw Earth Wind & Fire a few times as a teenager in the 1970's. They put on a great show & the records still sound awesome. RIP.
  20. I got a boot of a show from the current tour that has a really nice version of "It Ain't Easy" from Ziggy Stardust. Good choice & well done!
  21. Roger O'Donnell on keyboards has been involved off & on for a long time & the drummer has been in the band 20 years now. The current line up is pretty strong. I liked Porl Thompson plenty but really like Reeves Gabrels. Saw him with Bowie several times. Should be a great show as the Twilight Sad are pretty interesting, too.
  22. The show I'm seeing is being opened by the Twilight Sad. Is that a perfect name for a band opening for the Cure or what? I noticed the start times are all early though. The Vegas show starts at 7 & many of the other shows. So, long shows aren't out of the question. Reeves Gabrels has been in the band a few years. Really like that guy. Saw him with Bowie several times.
  23. Any other Cure fans out there? I just bought a ticket from a broker for the show @ the Cosmopolitan in Vegas in May. I have been waiting at least 25 years to see the Cure & they are about the last band I really need to see & haven't. I've been cursed with various reasons for missing them before. I've actually had tickets. It wasn't looking good for this tour either. They are skipping Seattle & playing the Sasquatch festival. Really expensive & a really long drive. I'm not in a position health wise to do a multi day festival, especially one where the lineup isn't exactly stellar
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